Saturday, April 11, 2009

Who Runs Things Part II: George Soros

George Soros is the man who would like to be But he's not a native, and he has a checkered personal past considering that the British don't allow him to trade on their shores due to manipulations designed to bring down the British pound. He's got lots of money, and lots of power and he funds socialist causes and candidates. He's publicly stated that he desires the US to become a socialist nation, despite the failure of similar nations to thrive economically. He has wealthy friends in places like the Middle East-the place were all the oil comes from. When you consider these relationships in tandem with the earlier story that contrary to popular opinion, it was the precipitous climb of oil pricing that created this meltdown, you have to wonder who he talked to, what they did and if all of this from the economic meltdown to the election of Obama was part of a bigger agenda. I say yes. So if black helicopters come and get me tonight, you will know what happened. I'm just joking. Kind of. Muckety Map linked in headline.

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