Saturday, January 28, 2017

Tit for Tat

I am not sure how the namecalling, the labels and epithets further this national dialogue. How does littering my Facebook page with "liked" articles calling the president Hitler and subscribing those who voted for him as bigots and geeks do anything to knit together this broken nation? For eight years I watched as everything I had done for years-being a mother, being a wife, being a good citizen, being patriotic, supporting our military and police-was called into question. I am not naive enough to believe 100% of any group is good or evil, but the repetitive drone and smears of the Left are making me not dislike them as a group, but avoid them as individuals.

My sister in law lives in a million dollar home on the beach in California. Her husband has a hefty pension paid for by the state of California. Basically they are highly funded welfare cases. She's a liberal. Today she posted on my Facebook a lengthy diatribe calling Trump Hitler and vilifying those who didn't blindly choose to vote for a deeply flawed Hillary Clinton. This daily harangue, some of it deliberate disinformation and misinformation, has legs.

My grandson's mother has half sisters and family in Seattle. Since discovering her family roots, she has decided to embrace a strident leftist tone. She has talked about taking her sons to the local women's march. I know the kind of signs and "costumes" are out there. My grandson can read-because he's smart as a whip. I don't want him exposed to this toxic spew of hatred.

My other sister in law lives in Aurora. Her husband pays all their bills. They spend to the limits of their credit. She's a liberal and also lobs FB bombs at me.

I'm not one who likes launching grudges, but why is it okay for them to throw all of this at me and I am not permitted by the social conventions and something I like to call "manners" from dishing back in kind. So I've dumped them both, coming short of blocking them just in case in their childless states they need help.

I'll dial 911 for them.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

A helpful list....

Below is a helpful list of contacts should you be tired of what passes for humor on various shows lately,most notably Saturday Night Live. Feel free to use it and share. Let your opinions be known. Ironically I picked this up from a liberal website.

Both Facebook and twitter accounts are included. Have at it. This is not over.

Kohl’s - @kohls

Campbell’s - @campbells

State Farm - @statefarm

Cheerios (General Mills) - @cheerios @generalmills 

T-Mobile - @Tmobile

NBC Sunday Night Football (NFL) - @SNFonNBC

Lincoln Motor Company - @LincolnMotorCo

Toyota - @Toyota

Sensodyne - @Sensodyne_US

Sears - @Sears

Kia Motors - @Kia

Metro PCS - @MetroPCS

Sprint - @sprint

Farmers Insurance - @wearefarmers

Nissan - @NissanUSA

Time Warner Cable - @TWC

Lexus - @Lexus

Korean Air - KoreanAir_KE

Audi - @Audi

Honda - @Honda

Neutrogena - @Neutrogena

FAGE Total Greek Yogurt - @FAGEUSA

Payless ShoeSource - @PaylessInsider

Wells Fargo - @WellsFargo

TJ Maxx - @tjmaxx

Yoplait - @yoplait

Subaru - @subaru_usa

Swanson (Campbell’s) - 

University of Phoenix - @UOPX

La Quinta Inn - @LaQuintaInn

Olay - @OlayUS

GMC - @ThisIsGMC

Target - @Target


Microsoft - @Microsoft

Subway - @Subway

Redds’s Apple Ale - @Reddsappleale

Hyundai - @Hyundai

National Geographic - @Natgeo

PlayStation (Sony) - @PlayStation

Sony - @Sony

Johnson & Johnson – @JNJNews

Jack Daniel’s - @JackDaniels_US

Ford - @Ford

Morongo - @MorongoCasino

Disney - @Disney

Disney Aulani - @DisneyAulani

JC Penney - @jcpenney

X-Box - @Xbox
Mercedez-Benz @Mercedesbenz

GE - @generalelectric

American Express - @AmericanExpress

Cover Girl - @covergirl

POM - @pomwonderful

Old Navy - @oldnavy

Head and Shoulders - @headshoulders

Jeep - @jeep

Verizon - @verizon

Absolut - @absolutvodka

HBO - @hbo

Macy’s - @macys

Hulu - @hulu

Axe - @axe

Tide - @tide

Aflac - @aflac

Kit Kat (Hershey’s) - @kitkat

Hershey’s - @hersheys

Guitar Hero (Activision) - @guitarhero

Activision - @activision

Ross - @Ross_Careers_ny

El Pollo Loco - @ElPolloLoco

Supercuts - @Supercuts

Bud Light - @budlight

Grub Hub - @grubhub

Amazon - @amazon

AMC - @amc_tv
Jack in the Box - @jackbox

Wienerschnitzel - @wienerschnitzel

Men’s Wearhouse - menswearhouse

Hilton Hotels - @hiltonhotels

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Tired of this......

I wish this was hypothetical.

I have a senior student, we'll call him Bill.
Bill is in an advanced studio class, which should be a signal he like art and has done some of the previous classes successfully. Bill stopped working in the middle of the first semester. He didn't do half of the projects and didn't turn in the digital portfolio, which is the semester exam. This semester I emailed parents, counselors and principals that the student was over-engaged with his phone and wasn't working in class. My previous interaction with parents and administrators led to nothing but more aggression, so I decided to shape the class where the student could work as he chose, as long as he turned in work. I gave three weeks worth of project and allowed students to work in any order they chose as long as a project was turned in every week.

He turned in nothing, but spent plenty of time on his phone. When I asked what preparation work he had done, he replied he was working at home. The end of the semester is here and he has produced nothing and has one of the lowest scores I've ever given. I don't know what more a teacher can do than give students assignments and expect them to turn in work. I try to design engaging pieces. We did covers for CD's and poster sized printouts. And yet somehow in spite of that I fear the blame will fall on me.

Just last week the mandate went out for all students to upload work to their portfolios (not the art one-the one they are supposed to keep as "a district of innovation." And when said students hadn't uploaded work, it was blamed on teachers. I presented information three times. Yet it appears that students are to bear no burden for their work or their responsibilities.

Saturday, January 07, 2017


Once again, I face the task of dismantling Christmas. I admit to being sentimental. I have the nativity set I bought piece by piece from Avon when my kids were small. I set it out each year, surrounded with angels in its own little environment. I have the crafty glitter-laden ornaments my children made, the marbled ones my daughter and I made more recently and a collection of ornaments dating back from our first Christmas as a married couple (we found a tree on Christmas Eve, thrown out by a nearby office and an old string of lights which ended up burning the carpet of our apartment) We didn't have a star that first year, so I illustrated one. It still tops our tree. There's ornaments for the times our children were baseball players, dancers, musicians. And in taking down these memories from our tree, I wonder who will collect them when I am gone.

Each of these pieces were a part of our family. Yet my children don't seem interested in pursuing the idea of children. I know they would be great parents. My son and his wife are wonderful people. My daughter and her husband are great with kids. But it doesn't seem as if they are even considering becoming parents. Perhaps it has to do with their economic struggles. All these thirty somethings work hard at jobs that offer little real security or long term promise. Although they've paid off student loans and bought houses, they all seem more interested in acquiring things than being parents. Perhaps it is selfish of me, but I feel that becoming a parent has been the making of my youngest son. I truly don't think you can look beyond yourself until someone else depends on you for everything. But my grandson lives with his mom and step-father. Any memories we would leave him probably wouldn't be especially valued by him because his mother wasn't involved.

I look at the shiny balls and smiling angels and wonder if they will end up as just a lot sold as antique in some shop. Or worse, I fear that my memories and theirs will simply end up in a landfill, forgotten. I don't want to be the stereotypical Mom who asks when I'm going to have grandkids but golly, I see families with far less having kids out the door. I want someone to carry on. I want someone to remember us. I want a baby to love and spoil unconditionally.

In our nation, the birthrate is dropping. I think too many of the next generation have decided it's not worth the time and bother to become parents. That's sad because that kind of love simply doesn't exist outside of becoming a parent. Maybe things will change. Right now, I'm pretty sad.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

What Should Be Celebrated?

I understand celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, graduations and retirements.
I understand celebrating holidays of all kinds-religious and not.
I understand celebrating days honoring people like George Washington, Martin Luther King and other heroes.

But I do not understand why my school is literally celebrating autism.
In the same way some in the deaf culture appear to want to isolate themselves based on their disability, it appears that some people on the spectrum (or more realistically, their parents) want to make autism appear not just to be normal, but to be desirable. Hence, my school now has banners "Celebrating Autism."

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Even in my school we've started various weeks of celebration for African Americans, Hispanics, not Asian yet although they outnumber Hispanics in my school, LGBT and a variety of other special snowflake holidays that not only seem to "celebrate" but to promote diversity at all costs. Indeed, I'm seeing more divisions than I did before. But these circumstances are not the same as a disability that can often rob a person of the ability to function.

So what next? Will we be "Celebrating Spina Bifida?" What about "Celebrating Cerebral Palsy"-how come Autism gets this kind of fake boost when it is something that we should want to counter with proper education and training instead of treating it like a party trick when a kid melts down in class?

This appears to be more of the same nonsense that wants us to pare down expectations for everyone in order to accommodate the few

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Free Speech: The Sword Cuts Both Ways

So this morning I read this.

I am an avid theater goer. My daughter is a frequent performer, choreographer and this spring, director, on the Dallas area stage. I understand her peers and performers are often a diverse and liberal lot, but I still accept them. When we have social events at her home, we celebrate a type of armed truce-they don't act out in outrageous fashion and I don't express views they would find upsetting. It's called manners-something sorely lacking in our society today.

Vice-President Elect Pence AND HIS WIFE attended "Hamilton", the recent Broadway smash hit. I'm sure he was interested, as many are, in the content and whether the play itself addresses the issues that produced our nation. But during and after the show, one of the actors felt it necessary to behave in a strident and truly disrespectful manner toward Mr. Pence. This is New York, part of the same city that produced such incorrect polling to assume the deeply flawed Hillary Clinton would win the presidency. So for the Times to chortle about this sort of public verbal flogging may play well in bastions of liberalism, but it does not do the theater or the musical well.

Consider this, supporters of the actor in question: Where else in the world would he get the kind of treatment needed to remain alive and HIV positive? Where else would he get social and medical support for his condition? Where else would he be even permitted to publicly claim his status as both gay and HIV+ in places outside the EU? So by that, this nation's Constitution has served him well, because he has free speech and access to those mechanisms necessary to survive.

But there is also this-you cannot just accept part of the Constitution. With great rights come great responsibilities and among those is the freedom to DISAGREE. While the actor from "Hamilton" was certainly free to express his opinions-did he take a poll to assure that they reflected every other player, union worker and member of the audience? Or did he instead use his position to play the bully and take what should be a positive social event and turn it into yet another boring liberal political moment?

Beyond the liberal coasts, this doesn't necessarily play well. I teach Art History and one thing we noted as a class is that art can only be produced in those societies functioning well enough to afford their members to do things beyond the production of goods for survival. Right now, as reflected in the recent election, many many more Americans feel this nation is headed down the wrong path. Americans by and large do not trust the media outlets, who have used their position to bully in a similar fashion and it is hurting them. Newspapers are struggling. And you would think that artists, being more creative and observant, would learn from their mistakes.

While "Hamilton" will be a huge hit in large and liberal cities, the power of a play or musical is it's "legs" or it's ability to endure. If Americans decide that "Hamilton" is too high minded or too offensive or too dismissive of mainstream American views, they will not buy tickets when it comes to their town. This means in addition that regional and local theater groups will not pay to perform it and the musical will wither and die on the vine, a forgotten relic of a contentious age-as have so many others. Either these "artists" in their self-serving rage have forgotten "The Play's the Thing" or they do not care if it dies.

Free speech works both ways. Sauce for the goose, baby, sauce for the gander.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Color Me Surprised

I voted for Trump.
I did it after much self-loathing because a vote for Hillary Clinton would have been so much worse.
Imagine my surprise that he won. I honestly didn't think he would win. My husband and I avoided all news outlets until 10:30 Tuesday night. We were in shock. I needed to go to bed, but I couldn't. I poured through RealClearPolitics state by state and county by county voting trends. I called Pennsylvania long, long before the networks. Florida hung at 99% for five hours. It was as if the MSM was loathe to admit Trump had won.

The next morning, three conservative teachers gathered in an out of the way classroom not to celebrate but to express utter relief that we would not be faced with a bitter and burdensome continuation of liberal goals.

Reading about the Clinton campaign's plans for her celebration (complete with confetti that would look like broken glass to represent the glass ceiling)I have to think she is and was totally out of touch with mainstream America and that was her undoing. You cannot go collecting demographic groups like stamps in an album and think the mail service will stop delivering the mail.