Friday, March 30, 2012

Glimmers of Hope

So if I work it out right, I may not work a full week for the rest of the year. We get Good Friday and the Monday after Easter off. Then I head with three kids to State Art competitoin on the 13th. The following week I head to Texas A&M Commerce for a studio symposium for teachers. The following week I go to work on the general schedule for next year. The following week, in May, I have AP testing. The following week I am taking my advanced classed to the Kimball in Ft. Worth. That leaves two weeks and I have to have my blood work done sometime during that period.

Busy time.
PLUS...and this is great news....I won a grant for a Teachers Summer Workshop at Kansas City Art Institute. It's a seven day summer intensive in Illustration . And except for transportation-IT'S FREE!! I am so excited!!!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Nose Knows

Being the epitome of grace, I fell on my face two weeks ago. Yesterday I had reconstructive surgery. Because Workman's Comp delayed on approving things, they had to go in an rebreak it. Needless to say I look like the victim of a mugging. I admit, I needed to have the surgery because I could not break through my nose at all after the fall. But having gone through this procedure, I do not understand anyone putting themselves under the knife for anything other than purely reconstructive purposes. I don't know how the Hollywood types do it repeatedly subjecting themselves to surgery. All I can say is they must do it for the meds....but frankly they gave me a script for painkiller and I haven't taken one since last night. I think I feel better without the brainfog.