Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Teachers Don't Work-HA!

Lots of people have the mistaken impression that teachers wake up late, leave early and have the summer off. I beg to differ. In a nomal week I am in the classroom at 7:30 am and leave at 4:00 pm. That is only if there are no contests, competitions, grades or other things to deal with. Within any given week I can be called for ARDS or parent meetings during school. I can also be required to attend meetings. Being an art teacher most of the meetings have precious little to do with anything I face in the classroom other than general school expectations. As for having the summer off, I haven't been on a vacation in years because of curriculum writing, vertical teaming, classes for technology and more. And that doesn't even include my weekly Sunday afternoon jaunts up to school to unload kilns, write lesson plans or run of materials for the following week....

Here's what my week was like"
Monday-School board meeting until 7:30 to recognize State qualifiers in Art
Tuesday-Meeting to see the new gallery until 6:00 and make decisions about next Springs district show
Wednesday -7:15 Faculty meeting followed by a 2:15 attendance petition meeting
Thursday-7:00 am procter AP exam
Friday-7-9 Art Show opening
Saturday-Wake up at 5:30 drive two hours to graduation of a former student in Commerce TX
Sunday-Reception at 1:00 followed by going home, grading watercolor projects and tests, loading grades into Esembler and then getting a bit of sleep before it begins again.

If I am not working, I would like to know what I am doing.....