Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thanks Obama

I'm a public high school teacher. My husband is unemployed. This means that the burden of both income and insurance falls on me. Wages are frozen courtesy of our current economic unpleasantness. To add insult to injury, because teachers have their insurance run from September to September, we are now currently "in" the 2012 insurance year which means we are subject to the higher premiums costs, copays and deductibles that are the byproduct of the Obamacare debacle. We are currently barely squeaking by with around $16 to spare after bills are paid and groceries bought. Thanks to Obamacare, now we are getting $180 LESS in the paycheck than last year. I used to be middle class. Right now I am sliding rapidly into lower class. And since my husband wasn't a union wage slave or a government office worker, but instead a sales rep that qualifies as contract labor, he can't even get the comparably rich unemployment check. And what do you want to bet that just like the last three very bad years, we still end up having to pay taxes? Color me bitter.