Friday, November 23, 2012

Proof that California Doesn't have the Corner on Nutjob Professors

In response to this story:

As a resident of Texas who pays far too much in taxes and probably pays part of your salary, I request a response. Where did your family come from? The name Jensen would appear to be Scandinavian in source. That means your ancestors were rampaging and pillaging their way through Europe centuries before a very small group of religions refugees braved the North Atlantic to come to North America. Do you feel your own shame in pillaging Europe, in imposing a rule of terror on Ireland, Scotland, France and Normandy? Or is that okay because it's Europe? How far did the Native American technology advance? They had not even really developed the wheel or advance metal working techniques in the regions inhabited. But you freely brandish the label "Nazi" on people who were trying to achieve religious freedom. Oh, now I understand, it's about religion. You, a liberal who probably claims to be tolerant, cannot allow someone to worship in any way that you cannot control. And in the end, that's what liberalism is all about isn't it-ultimate centralized control. Oh....who wanted that? Who wanted to control what babies were born, how they looked, the control of media and the outcomes of elections-that would be totalitarian societies like Nazi Germany and the Soviet Unions. What a sad specimen of academia you are. You should be ashamed.

Update: So it turns out that in their desire to be first, the media has fed us a great deal of disinformation and misinformation. The mother was the first victim, at home. The guns used were hers, and it appears they were kept in a basement gun safe. I can only surmise Lanza knew the combination. It also appears that the triggering moment was when Lanza discovered his mother, who had taken him out of public schools after a disagreement with school officials (this suggests an ARD where the school sought to have more restrictions due to escalating manifestation of violence or other disturbing behavior), removed him from private schools and they was homeschooling him was seeking to have him involuntarily committed. I'm sure she never thought her own son would have such pent up rage. That he went after the now first graders that had been her charges a year earlier is a clear manifestation of his resentment for the time spent with them. The wrong brother was sited as the shooter and a fictional girlfriend was sited as missing along with the father. That was incorrect. It's still a sickening tragedy that would not have happened if we didn't have committment laws that were so challenging to families.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Our Brave New Generation

Despite the economic gloom in the world at large, I do honestly try to stay upbeat and optimistic with my students. High school kids have usually been very earnest and often seek approval for their views. This time around many of them gave lip service to the ideals expressed, but not demonstrated, by the Obama administration. They seem to think that they are safer, freer and richer under the current administration. I'm not about to get into a political debate with someone who hasn't earned a paycheck so I let it go.

But here's the irony. These bright young people who claim to adhere to the kinder, gentler policies seen on DNC placards are in real life quite often shallow and narcissistic in their personal behavior. Witness this. Every year our student council does a food drive for Metrocrest Services-a local food bank that provides baskets of food for needy families in the immediate area. I have volunteered there and they do terrific work. So when the program was announced, I talked to my classes. I posted information. I discussed the need for food and how in the current economic situation there were more people-sometimes even people they might personally know-who were counting on the food bank in order to survive. I brought my own collection of canned goods-about ten cans in all. But not one kid, NOT ONE, not even the kids who claimed to be so in touch with the community ideals of Obama, could be bothered to donate a can or a dollar for the cause. Of course, I don't think that kids should be badgered into donating a la United Way (ugh!) but this particular group has been so aggressively supportive of what they view as liberal Democrat goals. It appears that they are only willing to help others as long as it isn't much trouble. I guess it's a good thing we have all those backward churches and all those middle class conservatives that do things like donate time and money and effort for such causes.

I am quite fearful of the outcome if these young people-who get their opinions from Colbert and SNL-come into power. We should all be very afraid.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Real War on Women

My daughter was married just last month. She’s young, educated, beautiful and in love with a wonderful guy. She’s a teacher in charge of an entire staff of dance instructors and he’s a psychologist working with autistic kids. They married because they love each other and because they want kids.
Enter Obamacare. If you want a look at the Real War on Women on Women is not the bogus media hyped limitations on abortion, but the very real economic realities that allow some women-notably the poor and ignorant who rely on public largesse-to make whatever choice they want. If they want birth control, it’s free. If they want and abortion, it’s subsidized.  If they want a baby, they can have as many as they want. And this is because they are the demographic base that the Democrat party relies on for votes.
As two young healthy working adults, you would think that health insurance wasn’t a problem, especially under the auspices of Obamacare.  But not so quick. My daughter had her own insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield. No underwriter in the nation is covering pregnancy on private insurance policies. She can have birth control. She can have an abortion. But under the private insurance, my daughter and her husband cannot have a baby without finding about $14K to come up with to cover labor, delivery and hospital costs. So while the indigent woman from across the border gets free pregnancy, prenatal and healthcare covered, my daughter cannot.
So they sought out the insurance from both their places of work. With a $5000 deductible-meaning they pay up to that amount out of pocket. For two young people starting their careers and paying off college loans, rent, car payments,  that’s a hard row to hoe. They looked at policies from both places. Both places costs two to three hundred dollars per month. And they covered things that they do not need, but which are MANDATED by Obamacare such as mental healthcare and drug treatment. As my daughter joked “maybe if I become a crack addict they will pay for me to have a baby.” It wasn’t a happy joke, but one that told she was giving up.
And what is she giving up? She’s giving up the dream of having kids. She’s giving up the dream of having her own house of being able to find other better jobs.  While the Obama Team likes to think that as a young  women she is supporting them, she is not. And many of her friends are in similar states of despair. They know the score. They know that they are paying for those who are too irresponsible to pay their own bills. And these young people, they ones with jobs who pay their bills and who live circumspect lives are growing in their resentment of a leisure class composed of Obama voters shouting “more free stuff” at every turn.
I ran into my own clarification of how Obamacare has created a Real War on Women. Today my doctor tried to make an appointment for me for a mammogram.  As the only one working due to the economy, I can’t simply peel off and pay a couple of hundred bucks for an appointment. I was told that if I ran it through insurance my bill would be $311 and it would go against my $5000 deductible (the deductible that I never reach because we can’t afford that kind of outlay) OR if I didn’t run it through insurance my bill would be “only” $150. First of all, this sounds like a scam to me. Why would you pay more when insured and less when it’s out of pocket? Second, why is it that doctors keep ordering tests and exams without knowing how much they cost? Three years ago a mammogram was $75. The only reason for rising costs is the rising cost of liability insurance and the failure BY THE PRESIDENT to have tort reform.
Many young people are still celebrating the dubious triumph of Obama. I think they are in for a harsh reality  come January. Layoffs are on the horizon and last hired is first fired. Contract workers are replacing full time employees with the self-employment taxes that entails. By the way, when you lose a contract position, as a contractor you are small business person and sometimes can’t get that nice unemployment check. Add to that the rising cost of healthcare insurance, shorter hours and the same braindead college kids who voted based on the preferences of Brad Pitt, George Clooney and  Steven Colbert are in for a very basic lesson in how our economy works.
How it works is like this: Every penalty, every fee, every tax placed on a business is passed along and paid for by the consumer. So when you make energy more costly, you drive up the cost of groceries which is a tax on everyone. And when goods and services become too costly to afford, businesses close, people become unemployed and tax revenue drops. At that point, government services have to be cut meaning  that all those feel good services suddenly cease. Then the rioting begins. As it has happened in Greece. As it has happened in France. And sadly, as I fear it will happen here. I wish I had some happy note of optimism to lay out here, but the mindless drones on the Left allowed their souls to be bought for cheap. We will all suffer for years as a result. God help us all.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Look at the map.

Look at the county by county map of the 2012 election. Liberals like to pretend they have a mandate. Instead they are the metaphorical tail wagging the dog. Even states like California and Illinois have significant numbers of red counties. I just have to shake my head and wonder what happened? If anything this election has driven a deeper wedge in our nation's psyche. When you add to that the running stories of voter fraud and voter manipulation, it makes me wonder if this entire election was purchased for thirty pieces of silver.

Today my youngest son told me he doesn't believe voting does anything, that government will put into place whoever they want in spite of what American voters want. Seeing this map and hearing this type of comment over and over shows me that the mainstream media and the liberals in power have destroyed our system of government and replaced it with a dictatorship. I don't know what the answer to this may be. Capitulation is the easy way out and of course the path of least resistance. It's the same advice that callous people give to rape victims-lie back and enjoy it. But if you cannot criticize anything about the people in power without risking loss of your job, then truly there is no way to combat this short of actual combat. I think we're done. I think our nation will follow the USSR into dissolution with the northeast being a liberal enclave while the rest of us peel off over the next few decades as the burden of liberalism gone wild proves too much of an economic burden to survive.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Aftermath 2012

I'm disappointed. I go back to that scene in "A Fish Called Wanda" where the crazy brother is clinging to the plane shouting DIS A PPOINTED!! Maybe I was naive. I thought that a decent man with a good plan and a history of turning around failed enterprises could win a national election. I thought that mere expertise stood for something.

But I guess you can't compete with the Celebrity Presidency that has evolved under this president. He seems more eager to talk to Letterman or Leno than his own briefing committees. Obama has had the media run interference. They have ignored by and large the overruns of Obamacare, which will hit us all in January's paycheck. The media failed to fully reveal the extent of involvement of the Attorney General in Fast and Furious. The media absolutely covered for the president himself on Benghazi, with CBS only releasing the full transcripts of a key interview Sunday night before the election. I do not know what the media has been promised. I know newspapers are bleeding red ink. I suspect that networks are being hit by a similar change in allegiance as young people drift to internet shows or movies ignoring standard fare. Could a media bailout be in the works? And, like the GM bailout, would it be based along political lines? Who knows? All I know is that I feel that the media played a key role in Obama's reelection. And don't even get me started on the MSNBC ad buy as a gift in kind. The most disgusting aspect of this was how the media spewed venom and lies at the public as fact in regards to Mitt Romney. I had a student swear to me yesterday that her preacher told her Romney would reinstate slavery. This is an almost direct quote from Biden, which the media distributed with impunity. They have a great deal to answer for.

My fears are the same ones I have had for three years. We appear to have a president that operates without principles or a budget. We appears to have the same essential set up in Congress for stalemate. But what is worse, we have the same stale ideas in play. I think that term limits across the board would go a long way in changing the status quo. I also think "no budget, no pay" should be instated to compel Congress to write a budget and for a president to sign it. I also believe that despite all the backpatting and self-congratulatory chatter, the Democrats are digging a much deeper hole. Today 2000 workers were laid off from Boeing. The stock market lost 313 points. Tomorrow key numbers on employment are supposed to be issued, and many believe that the most recent October numbers will be adjusted upward due to California's "accidental" failure to report last month. All I know is that my family is treading water and there's the real possibility that January's check will be less than December's. With that type of thing occurring across the nation in order to pay higher taxes (our 'fair' share) and provide money for all those freebies that Democrats like to shower on favorable demographic groups, next year is looking more bleak than this one. And that's no way to start a new year. Hey, maybe those Mayans knew what they were talking about.