Thursday, November 24, 2011

Where Did the Time Go?

In looking, my last post was over two months ago. It's not like I haven't been reading or writing online. It just seems that this is almost like a journal and frankly, I have always been lousy at keeping a journal. Here on the eve of a truly American holiday, I find myself reaching to be grateful. Before we left school, I taught a quick lesson in calligraphy and then had my art students write about something they were grateful for. We posted them. Some were silly, but most of the students listed their families as being the most important aspect of their lives. That is comforting in this age of technology and violence.

I question my own attitude regarding the holiday as well. I am grateful for my home, which we can still afford (barely) on one paycheck. I am grateful for my kids, although I wish someone had told me earlier that you NEVER stop worrying about them. I am oh so ultimately grateful for my grandson because it is possible that had his mother chosen to shut us out of his life, we would never know the deep joy of having a grandchild. He's a joy and the light of my life! I am grateful for my children's significant others. We have at least one wedding, maybe two, in the forseeable future. That is a double edged sword because while I want my kids to have beautiful weddings, without two incomes that isn't going to happen.

What I fear is that we have a future that is built on a foundation of sand. I fear for my kids, so young, so hopeful, wanting houses and kids and jobs. I worry for my one son who has struggled for over a year thanks to a LIBERAL WASHINGTON COMPANY THAT USES YOUNG PEOPLE UP LIKE CHEAP KLEENEX and yes I am talking about Zumiez. I worry for my grandson who is so loved, so darling and living in less than wonderful conditions which I cannot afford to change right now. All I can do is pray and hope. And I guess for most of us, that's pretty much the sum total of Thanksgiving.