Saturday, November 10, 2012

Look at the map.

Look at the county by county map of the 2012 election. Liberals like to pretend they have a mandate. Instead they are the metaphorical tail wagging the dog. Even states like California and Illinois have significant numbers of red counties. I just have to shake my head and wonder what happened? If anything this election has driven a deeper wedge in our nation's psyche. When you add to that the running stories of voter fraud and voter manipulation, it makes me wonder if this entire election was purchased for thirty pieces of silver.

Today my youngest son told me he doesn't believe voting does anything, that government will put into place whoever they want in spite of what American voters want. Seeing this map and hearing this type of comment over and over shows me that the mainstream media and the liberals in power have destroyed our system of government and replaced it with a dictatorship. I don't know what the answer to this may be. Capitulation is the easy way out and of course the path of least resistance. It's the same advice that callous people give to rape victims-lie back and enjoy it. But if you cannot criticize anything about the people in power without risking loss of your job, then truly there is no way to combat this short of actual combat. I think we're done. I think our nation will follow the USSR into dissolution with the northeast being a liberal enclave while the rest of us peel off over the next few decades as the burden of liberalism gone wild proves too much of an economic burden to survive.

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