Saturday, April 04, 2009

Date Night's a Little Different In Cali

Imagine that you send you daughter to college. You warn her of the dangers of accepting drinks from strangers. You tell her to lock her door. You tell her to travel in groups late at night. But do you tell her to avoid an on campus, student organization funded movie? And furthermore, do you tell her not to go, or worry that she goes with a date and how her date might respond? Well, maybe you should. Here's the story, I have provided a link as well as an excerpt. And I have just one final question-In the face of the many many MANY student rules regarding exploitation of the women on college campuses, isn't it rather hypocritical to allow pornography to be played on campus, with campus funding to students who may be under the age of 21? Do we not have enough problems with date rape and such on college campuses or do we need more incentive? And for every one of you who wants to post how porn is not a trigger for rape, consider that most rapists have porn in their possession when arrested. Just like pot, it may not hook everyone on drugs, but porn can cause some people to lose control. And I don't think that's beneficial to coed living arrangements on college campuses.


"DAVIS, Calif. — If all goes as planned tonight, hundreds of students at the University of California, Davis, will watch a $10 million pornographic movie in a chemistry lecture hall, the periodic table of elements hanging above their heads.

It's been a long time since adult movies of the 1970s — "Behind the Green Door" and "Deep Throat" — roiled university campuses.

Today's college students have virtually unlimited access to pornography on their computers. Many see nothing thrilling about an X-rated movie on campus.

UC Davis administrators aren't objecting, saying the university doesn't censor student events.

So why is the campus's Entertainment Council – the student group that organizes films and concerts at UC Davis – screening "Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge?"

Part of the answer comes from Digital Playground, the Van Nuys adult entertainment company that made the swashbuckling tale of lust and adventure on the high seas. The movie – reportedly the most expensive porn film ever made – combines computer-generated images with hardcore sex scenes..."

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sactownkid said...

Just an FYI:
The movie was offered free of charge to the Entertainment Council by the distributors. No campus funds were used to pay for the event. The council made the decision to screen the movie, free of charge, to students over 18 only.

All those admitted were required to produce ID showing that they were 18 or older.

The movie has already been screened on other college campuses around the country, including at UCLA, Carnegie Mellon and Northwestern.

Before the movie, the organizers added a speaker from the ASUCD's Gender and Sexuality Commission, who addressed issues of fantasy and gender issues in entertainment. "We wish to spread exposure about these issues and promote critical thinking with entertainment," the organizers noted in their promotion of the event.