Thursday, April 09, 2009

Who or What Caused the Recession?

It's an interesting question because our president is APOLOGIZING to the rest of the world, virtually claiming it was all our fault. But wait a minute, we weren't in recession until the last quarter of 2008, while the countries that were in deepest recession had been seeing the signs since late in 2007. So what gives? Furthermore, the nations in deep recession get relatively little in trade from the United States and hold very few securities that are nationally based. While Washington is donning sackcloth and ashes, bowing to heads of twelfth century nations for appeasement, it might be a little more prudent to consider this following factoid:

"...In 1983, economist James Hamilton of the University of California at San Diego showed that "all but one of the US recessions since World War Two have been preceded, typically with a lag of around three-fourths of a year, by a dramatic increase in the price of crude petroleum." The years 1946 to 2007 saw 10 dramatic spikes in the price of oil -- each of which was soon followed by recession..."

So by that reasoning, it's not the corporations that caused the economy to fail, it was the high price of crude oil. We can't drill much domestically, thanks to the green idiots who don't know a damned thing about modern drilling technology. So it has to be the brunt of the failure should be placed at the doors of those who drilled for and leveraged up the price per barrel on crude oil That, incidentally would include the Saudi Royal Family, the same ones that President Obama bowed in deference to despite over 200 years of protocol that says WE DON'T BOW TO KINGS. I have to wonder if there are wheels within wheels here. I have long suspected that the market's failure was a manipulation. I also know that one of the world's leading market manipulators is George Soros, a man who wants America to be Socialist and who funded You just have to wonder who knew what when. And if they did this deliberately to destroy America and tranform it into some utopian ideal on our dime.

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