Thursday, April 30, 2009

Team Obama's Katrina Moment?

It's kind of ironic that I was on here just the other day reflecting on the polio epidemic of the early 1960's. Those vaccines on sugar cubes were a common visual on the news. We've become used to not having to dodge what used to be common childhood diseases. Measles, mumps, whooping cough, diptheria, cholera, and more were avoided by entire generations by the invention of vaccines. But now we have two groups who avoid getting vaccines. One group is educated, but misinformed. They have been led to believe, despite numerous studies to the contrary, that autism is caused by vaccinations. This has been disproved, but the folks in the organic crowd still embrace this dangerous outdated notion. The other group are illegal aliens and their children. There are plenty of free clinics that give shots to kids NO QUESTIONS ASKED. But truthfully, if you can buy a forged birth certificate, social security card and more, what makes you think that these kids have valid and current medical records and vaccinations? It's not a big secret that this virus is showing up largely in the Hispanic community. And that is because THIS THING STARTED IN MEXICO!!!

Back when I had measles when I was a kid, I was kept in a dark room for two weeks. When I had chicken pox when I was in first grade, I stayed home for two weeks (I waved over the fence to the kids who had to go to school that second week). We've forgotten the need to keep infected people, especially children, away from others because we have become so complacent in regards to health and healing. My mother remembers two siblings between her and her little brother who died of cholera in the early part of the 1900's. It hasn't been that long in historic terms since we have had sweeping viral infections such as this. But this time around, the people who should be taking charge and isolating those infected, are instead refusing to act. Why are the borders still open? Believe me, if Mexico were next to Canada, those gates would come down and there would be Mounties on every road. If Mexico was next to France, they would call in the Foreign Legion to man the barricades. So why is it that the United States of America has to leave our borders open to allow undocumented, infected people to come here and cost us more in money and lives via this illness?

Is this Team Obama's "Katrina Moment?" I think so. As I have said before, we were attacked by terrorists on 9/11, attacked by Global Economists last year, and now I think we are under attack by Third World adventurers who see us as the Golden Goose. We already have unemployement and downsizing. What good will closing schools and forcing parents to stay home do? At what point do we say ENOUGH?

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