Saturday, April 04, 2009

Taking One For the Team?

So now Blagojevich has passed being impeached and moved onto indictment. This takes the whole situation to a different level. Do you think Blago will take one for the team? Or since most weasels when cornered are cowards, do you think he will spill his guts to get a plea-bargain? And when that happens, will the Congress censure Burris-who should never have been seated to begin with? Will Rahm Emmanuel's name come up? What about President Obama? He was deeply involved in Illinois politics, he had to be to get the nomination. Believe me, favors were called in. So does this story escalate, or do the combined forces of the mainstream nutroots media and the power of the Obama Administration collude on hiding the facts? At that point, don't we have the same type of obstruction of justice that brought down many other political creatures?

This is going to be interesting......

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