Saturday, April 18, 2009

This Pretty Much Says It All

For those of you who don't remember, the 1970's were the period of our "malaise" so entitled by President Jimmy Carter. As the purple haze of the 1960's cleared, the 70's brought about a series of self-righteous political leftists who gained power in the face of an economic catastrophe. That crisis was engendered by the failure to support an existing monarchy in Iran, which created an oil shortage in the United States. There was odd/even rationing. There were lines. And there were political meltdowns that resonate even up until today.

In spite of the dire warnings from the Left, American did recover and move past the deer in the headlights inactivity of the liberal agenda. At that time scientists were warning of the impending new Ice Age. They also said it was immoral to marry and have children, which in turn led to a generation of DINK's whose only needs were to spend money on themselves. This type of economic navel gazing is what created the Entitled Generation that feels it is owed the good things in life just because it exists. Do you not wonder why so many Boomer generation celebrities eschewed marriage which in turn created a fashionable acceptance of living together over marriage as an institution?

At any rate, do read this column. It is very wise. and I am sure the writer will be on an enemies list soon and forbidden to write such things.

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