Thursday, July 12, 2007

Why Are Muslim Men So Weak?

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I am confused that a society that hides its women away from view considers itself morally strong. What kind of culture cannot withstand the view of a woman's arm or leg or face or hair without trembling? Are Islamic men so morally weak that they cannot control their lust? Are they so easily swayed that they insist on imposing virtual invisibility upon their mothers, wives and daughters? I am not advocating immodest behavior or dress, but for every female advocate that claims the hajib and veiling "protects" her dignity, there are crowds of other women silent because the society doesn't permit them the freedom to speak their mind. They are jailed for petty crimes of nail polish, makeup and "westernized values". They are allowed to seek education as second class citizens, forced to enter back doors to mosques, schools and colleges and made to submit to daily inspections worthy of the most austere Catholic grade school. What kind of society thinks so little of its citizens personal control that they have to clamp down with a heavy vise of fatwas and edits on the people that DO follow the Quran? And then they have the gall to try to impose that will on other nations, because make no mistake about it, this is the patient hundred year plan of the Islamists. Already English towns have been approached about being permitted to apply sharia law over and above British common law. And yet the leftists and the liberals want us to believe this is a war of greed. If holding onto freedom, if keeping a war out of the American and European nations is greedy, then count me as such. Instead we are seeing the type of vindictive behavior that has been an earmark of The Partition between India and Pakistan. Half a century later, this is still a shooting war where the hostilities run deep. If you think the Israelis are wary of Muslims, ask the Hindus and Buddhists forced to leave Pakistan of their views. This returns us to the topic, what kind of people are enforcing this hateful and suspicious type of rule? They are tribal warlords who have used treachery and guile to win their way to public support. They hold a viselike grip on their own people and seek to control the rest of us whether through oil price manipulation or outright terror. And make no mistake, the new friendship between Iran and Venzuela is one of convenience. How better to create madrassas within close striking distance to the American mainland? Leftist refuse to see, but this is far more serious than the Cuban Missle Crisis. And with porous borders and blind and self-serving politicians, we are in a heap of trouble.

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