Sunday, July 01, 2007

Tony Blair/Terrorism & Tiny Minds

Tony Blair seems like a decent enough chap. He has a nice family, he's polite and he's articulate. But the British press pilloried him for allying with the United States in what is truly a War Against Terror. Blair had read the insider information and seen what the potential was for violence spreading outside of the Middle East and into Europe and the US. And even though Mr. Blair is what is known as a liberal, he cared more about doing the right thing, than doing the politically expedient thing. The British press hounded him. The spread rumors, lies and disinformation with their goal, as with most western press, to pry another ally away from the United States and gain control over whatever political puppet was put in place. Today there were three open attempts at terror on British soil. Two car bombs, thankfully detected and defused, in London and another in Glasgow. The changeover from Blair to the new PM was today. I talking to experienced terror experts, all were agreed that the attitude of appeasement has made it easier for terrorists to infiltrate British mosques and recruit British subjects to attack their own country. Is this not EXACTLY what President Bush said would happen if we appease terrorists by giving in? And yet our press is doing to President Bush exactly what the British press did to Tony Blair. What do you think will happen if someone whose appeasement attitudes such as Hilary, or John Edwards or Barak Obama get in office? How long do you think it would be until we had a serious attack on American soil? Wasn't 9/11 enough? If I were Tony Blair, a man far more gracious than I am, I would hire out a series of prominently displayed billboards with these words:



George Kotzabasis said...

The politically "unholy" trinity of Hillary, Edwards, and Obama, and their "speakeasy" liberal media, have absconded from their historical duty to unite the American people behind their government that is at war against a mortal enemy.

Indeed, they have "tiny minds".

Ellen K said...

The media would rather close their eyes and deny that our open borders have allowed people from unfriendly nations to infiltrate. There's a very good story from the San Antonio newspaper discussing how someone from Syria could get smuggled into our country via Mexico. That doesn't even begin to touch on the countless numbers of folks already here. And the myth that this violence is the result of poverty is immediately dispelled when you consider that TWO of the terrorists in the Glasgow case were doctors. There's no question that this violent philosophy has become a religious tenet and I have no doubt that there are mosques here in the United States that are breeding the same type of terror. I am tired of the limp outrage and dubious condemnation by mosques in the US. You are either with us or against us, and as for me, I want to know which way they lean before another 9/11.