Tuesday, July 10, 2007

After The Love Has Gone: Global Warming After Live Earth

After the crowds have gone home. After the celebrities have boarded their individual private jets and headed to Gstaad for a toddy. After the approximately one third of the trash from Wembley stadium that can be recycled has been carted away-what then. Well here's an idea. How about some truth? Al Gore and his band of merry men and women have ridden this big wave quite long enough. As stated before in this blog, the sampling for such far reaching conjecture was far too small. And now that celebrities have gotten on board, our mindless star worship has led too many people to believe that The End is imminent. Hogwash. Sure maybe Iran will nuke us, but the possibility of the seas rising in tidal wave proportions and swallowing Los Angeles and Nueva York ( a bow to the multiculturalism that is becoming not just accepted but required in my part of the world...) Previously people who have questioned the validity of the theories presented by the quasi religion that is Global Warming have met with serious consequences. Jobs have been lost, tenure denied, elections lost. And now we are looking at a wildly liberal Democrat party that has for all intents and purposes been hijacked by the European Green Party. Go ahead, look at the Green platform and compare it to the Democrat proposals. It is socialism. And one of its key planks is ecology and environmentalism. Those are not bad things necessarily, but when you have to make up facts to panic a population in order to gain power, I am not sure that you are playing the game within the rules. So now this Doubting front has traveled the steering currents to become a serious storm of backpedaling. And the more the scientists start looking at facts rather than junk science, the shriller the religionists of the Global Warming church will become.
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Darren said...

But, but, we *still* need to cut down on pollution! At least the global warming debate (I thought there *was* no debate--it's settled) got us thinking about cutting emissions!

Lefties are nothing if not predictable.

Ellen K said...

I have no problem with that. In fact as a true conservative, I try to cut out any waste that I can find. So I have always turned off lights, cut off water, recycled and reused and sought economical solutions for daily life. What bugs the bejeezus out of me is how the celebrity train of thought is that we, the "little people", should lower our lifestyles, cut our utilities and basically move back into the caves and huts from which we came, while Babs Streisand and Al Gore do world tours on their private Lear jets that guzzle gas more than a Hummer. If it's right for some of us, then it's right for ALL OF US.