Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Liberal Canonizations and other Perils of Modern Education

The education hierarchy, in its ever changing position as arbiters of what is Right and what is Wrong with American society, was once again fooled. Linked in the headline above is an article discussing the misleading fabrication of the book I, Rigoberta Menchu, a tome that is hailed by some womens' studies and Hispanic studies programs as an prime example of the exploitation of native peoples by the "evil" Europeans. Let me stop here and note that there was unbelieveable cruelty on both side of the issue. The superiority of European technology and weapons is what permitted Europeans to dominate the much larger, but poorer equipped native tribes. However, in this day and time we are bombarded by repeated leftist assaults via what is called literature, and much of it is foisted upon our college students as FACT over FICTION. I am tired of people using their ethnicity, their gender or whatever human frailty they possess to manipulate society and to be pushed by professors who have an agenda to sell.

Liar, Rigobert Menchu

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