Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Driving and Cell Phones

Today, during what is laughingly known as Rush Hour, I had to take my husband to DFW airport. Now I expect traffic. I even expect delays. What I didn't expect was the cast of seemingly thousands of idiots on the road going out of their way to force other innocent drivers to the brink of Road Rage. Here's just a sampling:

-To the young lady driving the white Nissan Murano (although after watching you drive we began calling it a Morono...) Did you realize that THERE ARE OTHER CARS ON THE ROAD? I ask this because you whipped in and out of lanes without a signal, without a clue and pretty darned near no space. And you didn't do it just once, but numerous times as you headed down Geo. Bush towards I-35.

-To the lady in the blue Taurus, who at the north exit of the airport simply drove totally in front o me without warning. It would have been bad enough if you did that just to get in my lane, BUT YOU DID THE SAME THING THREE TIMES TO GET TWO LANES OVER TO THE EXIT! Clue to the Clueless-if you miss an exit-THERE'S ANOTHER ONE DOWN THE ROAD! YOU CAN GO BACK!!!

-To the guy with the grossly overloaded Giant Toyota Truck and Trailer-going slower than the speed limit doesn't insure that the overloaded trailer hitch won't snap off in traffic. Next time make TWO loads and try going the minimum speed limit rather than virtually parking in the middle of 121.

-To the snazzy dude in the black BMW-it is NOT ACCEPTABLE for you to wave after nearly shearing off my front bumper. Merge means MERGE-not speed up to the front of thenext lane and cut off everyone else. AND YOU DID IT TWICE!!!!

While I was noticing the manners and consideration or lack thereof of Dallas drivers, I noticed something else-every single driver that was doing something dangerous or stupid was ON THEIR CELL PHONE. When you are in a car or truck you are driving what can be a two ton weapon of death. Is that one message, or that one phone call really worth someone's life. Many states are taking a stand and making severe penalties for those who text and drive. But we can also set insurance standards where drivers who are in accidents while on their cell phones are fully financially liable for damages. I am tired of seeing ditzy people wandering around the road taking other people's lives and safety for granted just so they can stay connected.


(Once again, the exception would be if you are transplant recipient in waiting or the surgeon performing the transplant. Other than that you calls can wait until you stop the car.)

These selfish, distracted people are costing us in lives, in money and in time. Pay attention. Stop being so self-centered and realize that there are a whole world of things that you can impact by your dangerous behavior. Below are some links to current stories that played out due to cell phone use while driving.

Distractions Can Be Deadly

It Causes Accidents

Lives Are Destroyed

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