Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vipers In Our Midst: Islam in the U.S.

Read this article

Then, Read this article (Okay, I know its from PBS, but that doesn't make it any less alarming)

For those who persist in saying that Fox News is simply a mouthpiece for the current administration, please note that one of these articles is from the Associated Press and the other is an excerpt from a PBS related program. The letter below is one that was sent to the DMN blog from a Muslim student at SMU. There is no question that there are elements in the world who through their delusional religious or cultural tendencies seek to destroy what is loosely labeled as "The West" but which is in reality, the United States. Too many ignorant people in this country have what amounts to a very silly and dangerous conciliatory attitude. Forgiveness and negotiation are western concepts. They are the foundations of Judeo-Christian religious texts and filter through our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and our daily lives. These precepts aren't accepted in the East and especially not accepted by those who follow the most violent and dangerous versions of Islam.

In reading an assessment on the relative lack of security surrounding such features as our railways, our water supplies and chemical storage facilities, I have to admit I am worried. Add to that porous borders where it is estimated on 15% of the incursions are stopped. I look at my community with a mosque in an industrial area near a railroad and another across from the water treatment plant-where chlorine and other chemicals are stocked by the train car, and I become very concerned that in our western attitude of bending over backwards to accommodate those of other cultures and other faiths we are slitting our own throats. I am not a naturally suspicious person, but when we admitted Atta and his merry band, they came to learn to fly. They used that knowledge to kill our citizens. Are we currently teaching the very people who will turn and kill our own children? Too many "students" are coming to America on visa, getting grants to do so, and returning to foment war against us. Is our hubris, our fatal flaw, to be our openness to diversity allows vipers in our midst?

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