Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day. How about we all take a minute to count our blessings and show some appreciation to those that are often maligned and ignored? Thank the clerk that gives you change for that MochaFrappaHalfALatte that you over order to death. Thank the kid in the fastfood line that remembers NOT to put the pickles on your hamburger. Thank the neighbor who managed to miss hitting your mailbox despite driving an SUV so large that the first time it rounded the corner, natives started bowing because they thought their was a solar eclipse. Show your appreciation for the meter reader that adds just that little extra onto your bill just to show she/he is looking out for you. Sincerely thank the newspaper delivery person who thoughtfully tucked an empty envelope into today's paper just so you wouldn't have to look up his number.

Valentines Day used to be about wishing happiness and showing love for others. It's become just another commercial holiday. I have heard that some schools are banning Valentines from the classroom. I don't know how I feel about that exactly. On one hand, I remember making construction paper hearts and pasting them onto shoeboxes to make Valentine Mailboxes. I also remember the popular kids getting alot more. Some teachers insisted that everyone would give everyone a valentine. I know my mom did. It seemed fair at the time, just like having everyone or at least all the girls in your class invited to your birthday party. I don't know whether kids have really gotten meaner or if their parents have encouraged behavior that overtly excludes those who aren't up to social snuff as it were. I don't send valentines anymore, except to my husband and kids. It isn't that I don't appreciate others, or even that I don't love other people. I just figure that they have their own lives and don't need me to validate their existence. Perhaps I am wrong. So nevertheless, I do hope that whoever reads this finds their love in life, whoever or whatever they may be. (I felt I had to include that just to be fair, after all I have no idea who is reading this....)Happy Valentines' Day.

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