Monday, February 27, 2006


At the risk of being labelled a whiny baby complainer, I would like to take a minute to pose the question-Why do we have sinuses? For the life of me, the only reason I see to have them is to keep my doctor in greens fees winter, spring and fall. Only the bleaching of the atmosphere with our ever climbing summer highs gives any relief. I just came from the doctor. I had suffered from what I thought was a virus or head cold or some other icky thing and since all the newscasts had spread the world about avoiding antibiotics and the quirky creation of superviruses due to overuse, I spent countless hours using OTC and alternative remedies. What did I use? Let me count the ways-
Contac D
Tavist D
Saline Spray
Gypsy Cold Tea
Green Tea
White Tea
Spicy Mexican food
Spicy Cajun Food
A shot of cheap whiskey ( not effective but who cares?)
I even used my Dad's Hot Toddy recipe with slices 0f real lemons dotted with cloves..
But alas-I spent a good deal of time wrapping my head in hot clothes, spreading wadded up tissue into landfill destined trashcans and in general feeling like----well, not really that well.
So I went to the doctor, got a script for a ZPac which my insurance thoughtfully changed to a generic which may or may not work. My doctor also gave me heavily televised nasal spray and a not so heavily advertised decongestant, which I have used before and actually it works. So, even though I have some Oprah oriented opinions, I think I will save them for another day, when I feel more feisty and ready to rock. Bon Lundi Gras ya'll.


Id it is said...

Colds sap your very life energy out of you! I understand the feeling of what it takes, generic or otherwise....whatever works!

EllenK said...

It turns out that the answer, much to my dismay and that of the national media, was a ZPac and antihistamine. By listening to the media and avoiding antibiotics in hopes of stemming the evolution of a "superbug" I pretty much wasted my time and money for the last two weeks. But then again, has there been a single week in which the media hasn't offered totally contradictory medical advice under the guise of "breaking news"? I've learned my lesson.