Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Momma said there'd be days like this....

Sometimes I just wonder if it's worth it all. Not to sound dramatic, but what really would happen if I just didn't show up to work tomorrow. Now keep in mind, I teach high school and usually I like my job, but there are days when I am not sure why I keep up with things. I see slackers in all professions, but in mine it hurts worse. Every time some dumb bimbo seduces a 16 year old (and really folks, I teach these kids, it wouldn't take much....)it brings our whole profession down to the level just a little above lawyers in esteem. I hate it when people get that "oooooo" look on their faces when I say I teach high school. Their thoughts seem to go in one of two directions. Either I am the stupidest person on earth and couldn't get a job answering phones for the local cable company OR I am a lazy person who "enjoys my three months off every summer".

These attitudes would seem to permeate the population at large and the Legislature of the Great State of Texas in particular. Word to your Mother dudes....we work our tails off. I get to school at 7:15, work in the library until the first class. Teach for 6 and a half hours with a luxurious 25 minute break for lunch (13 minutes if you count the time it takes to nuke a Lean Cuisine to an edible level of warmth) leave at 4:15 and "enjoy" a two and a half month "vacation" wherein I go to classes, write curriculum and beg local businesses for supplies that we can't afford since in our state we have a education committee that likes us to implement change with the ability of a Macgyver.

In short, we are assumed to be mystics that can change water into wine and air into textbooks. Note to the State Lege-we just got our books for the 2005 school year three weeks ago. Nice timing guys. In my case, I would like to see
every single incumbent removed from office.
No politicking, no party caucuses, simply voting down one incumbent after another until "someone" gets the message that you can't just make laws and rule and regulations unless you also create the ways and means to FUND THEM. That is what a Ways and Means Committee is supposed to be for. But then again, an Education Committee is supposed to be "for" education, but in the past two years they have run away, blocked, ignored and avoided anything remotely like adequate funding for education. So phooey on them and a pox on all their houses.

PS. To anyone and everyone in Arlington Texas, regardless of political affiliation, please vote Grusendorf out in the primary. I can't vote there because I don't live there, but he's doing a huge amount of harm to our state schools by grinding his own ax and playing his own little agenda. Please spread the word.

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