Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hunting Accidents and other bedtime stories....

I am not a hunter. I sort of know how to shoot a gun.
One thing I do know is that gun accidents happen. I also know that there is a difference between a bullet such as someone like Dirty Harry would use and birdshot, which scatters. Wind affects both, but it isn't unusual for birdshot to fly back at the shooter if they are dumb enough to shoot into the wind. I don't think that this was a planned assault by the VP, although to listen to the media you would think he'd been plotting to off one of his best friends. While the media possibly could have been handled better, although I will tell you honestly the area where that ranch is in Kenedy (one N not two) is literally The Middle Of Nowhere. A 50,000 acre ranch is the size of a good sized city. It probably has unpaved roads, no cell sites and not many of the communication tools that we take for granted. Having Mrs. Armstrong contact the press, in the absence of press aides and other talking heads, was really making the most of a bad situation. If the VP were not the VP, nobody would think anything of this whole situation.....

It just so happens that through a fiat of luck, this happened right on the heels of a MAJOR league liberal meltdown. This occurred in the form of AlGore in Saudi Arabia at the behest of the binLaden family sounding for all his ranting and raving just like any imam on the street in Tehran. Really. He basically told lies about things going on, made assertions based on facts not found in reality and generally pandered to people who can give him lots and lots of MONEY and OIL to help his next run for the Presidency. Yes, Democrats, be afraid. He's going to run again. And this time not only will he manage to alienate the religious and conservative segments of the party, but the union workers and military personnel as well. For unions, he will recommend that the minimum wage be raised, which will cause corporations to move operations overseas and/or start massive layoffs. For the working class, it will mean fewer jobs and an erosion of the minimum wage through a blanket amnesty of illegal aliens. Rather than enforcing the borders, limiting immigration and demanding that employers document the status of employees, he will penalize the rest of us. I don't think it's a coincidence that the Cheney Situation is being played up in the media while the Gore story is almost non-existent on any media outlet.

Where's the outcry? Where's the slobbering media outlets demanding information?
And this is fair and balanced?????


fatochre said...

Ms. K,

I love your conciseness, and your cogent arguments.
I really hadn't considered Algore running for prez again, but you might be on to something there.
Of course most of your assertions will be blown off, in lieu of the fantasy world that not only the media, but faitful and willing zombies perpetuate.
There was a time when I thought that all I would have to do would be to inject some logic into the conversation and people would see the light, but now, even logic is arbitrary to the leanings of one's social outlook.
Eli Weisel, author of "Night", ( I am sure you have heard of it), related a story once about speaking truth. It goes like this:
"A certain man was sent by God to be a prophet to a wicked city. The man entered the city and day after day stood in the streets proclaiming the glory of God and the error of men.
"During the first few days the prophet was given audience and novelty. But soon the new wore off and people continued about their lives, unchanged in what they did, and now, uncaring about the old fool standing in the streets blabbering on about God and righteousness.
"Still for weeks the man continued to shout and extol and warn, to no avail. One day a small child of six stood watching the man. In his small voice he asked the man,
'Sir, everyday you stand here and proclaim God's perfection and man's imperfection and eveyday no one listens to you. They all go their way and ignore you. Why do you continue?'
"The prophet looked at the boy and replied,
'When I began, I wanted to change them, now I scream so that they will not change me'"

So I thank you for your voice and pray that it may ever continue.

EllenK said...

Thanks for your kind words. I guess I just keep writing because although I *hope* someone will say it, seldom do I hear my opinions anywhere. Of course, right now, I think you may be the only one readin this blog. But in time perhaps that too will change. Thanks for the comments.