Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Reading is so underrated by most people these days. I love to read. I don't know many people who agree with that attitude. I know my husband doesn't. And for the most part, my kids don't. I think it was because I used to escape into books from a very cliquish high school existence. I don' t really know what I would do without having a book at my side. I read a wide range of things-and books for me are in three classes:
!. Keepers-I buy a copy, buy other books by the author and read them periodically over and over.
2. Meh-Fun books, not classic in terms of their appeal but fun at the time. Often current novels and the few Oprah book club selections I can stomach.
3. ARHG!!!-These books are either so bad or so offensive or so SOMETHING that I not only won't read it again, I will throw it away so that NOBODY CAN READ IT. "Prince of Tides" fits into this category for example. Literature my Aunt Fanny......
Since nobody seems to be reading these little missives, I might as well start running a list of my favorite books. I have ALOT of books. They range from sci-fi to mystery to history and art to just plain funny/stupid. It depends on my mood what I read. Plus I work part time in a library so I have access to BEAUCOUPS de BOOKS!!!!

Tra la o happy day!!!!!

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