Sunday, October 07, 2007

What Democrats Believe.

The main problem that I have with the Democrat party is that they aren't so much a single view as a precarious coalition of different views. I do not see that as a political directive but more of a cynical compromise of values. I truly could not vote for Hillary Clinton, I think she is damaged goods. And I think the Democrats do themselves a great deal of harm by discounting Obama despite his negatives. Edwards is nothing but another "class president" clone trying to cut another notch in his resume. His presidency would be a failure comparable to that of Carter's. In short, while the pundits like to crown Hillary, and the Republicans aren't doing themselves many favors by using litmus tests to select candidates, the vast middle 80% of the electorate doesn't see much that addresses their needs. These include:

Illegal Immigration-it affects taxes, education, welfare, employement and resources. Dems are pussyfooting around the issue hoping it will go away. It won't. And if they don't address it there are many people in the Silent Middle who are very upset and will vote against whoever refuses to enforce our borders. This one issue alone has alienated staunch Republicans from the president. Be warned.

Health Care Reform-National health care will be an economic rathole. If you love the way the bureaucracy handles every day matters, imagine how much you will adore them when you have a medical emergency. The solution is SIMPLE. Make ALL insurance and medical payments tax deductible. This used to be the case, until in pushing HMO's the limits were set at only those amounts over 7.5% of income. Let it ALL be deductible and see what happens.

Education-We have to create a national test. We also need to get the public schools out of the business of providing free meals, remedial assistance and education for the severely handicapped. If the government wants to do these things, set up some other institution to provide such services. Public schools were meant to provide an educated and capable population. They were never meant to be used as facilities to provide rehab, training or other services.

Defense-We need a unifed world view on defense. France is willing to come back into the mix, we need their help. We also need to renew our NATO alliances because frankly the way Putin is acting, I would rather he know that the EU and the US are talking again so he wouldn't get any grand and glorious ideas about reuniting the USSR.

More to come....

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