Saturday, October 06, 2007

Find Ernesto Reyes

The linked blog above discusses the random and cruel murder of a University of North Texas coed by a known felon. The suspect's name is Ernesto Reyes. He was caught on video in the Denton convenience store where the victim met him, and disposing of her body via burning it in Carrollton, TX. While the linked blog gives much more information, and I encourage you to go and read, I would also like you to consider a couple of things.

First, this man was a resident alien. That means he was someone from another country who was allowed to live here. As such, he wasn't here illegally. The travesty comes where you realize that as an adult he had four counts on his rap sheet. He is just twenty. I am betting that means that somewhere in Denton County there is a juvenile offender sheet that has more offenses on there. As a resident alien with a felony on his head, he could have been deported. He probably should have been deported. But, the more common practice has been to ignore conventional wisdom, and permit these allegedly "nonviolent" offenders to remain in the country. In fact, I am willing to bet good money that some sobbing public defender, probably paid with tax dollars, wept on the court's mercy to keep him from being returned to Mexico. The irony comes in that now, as a suspect in a capital murder case, he is headed or currently in Mexico. We know he's still out there, because previously violent images of women on his MySpace page have mysteriously disappeared.

What is more disturbing is that there is a pattern of allowing felons to continue to live here. This is something the Mexican consulate is spending bunches of pesos in keeping in place. Mexico LIKES the status quo wherein their poor, uneducated, needy and sick come to El Norte for free services. In return, the Mexican economy is floated on a continuous supply of American dollars sent weekly to families back home. Nobody is saying that being poor and living in Mexico is easy. But Mexico refuses to take the steps necessary to bring her own people a higher standard of living. This virtual oligarchy has been in place for many many years. And they resist change. It's no secret that not everyone is happy with the way the money in Mexico filters through the different economic levels, but this fact is happily swept away and given a happy face. And we, the poor dumb American taxpayers, have to cut our own families from tax funded programs for education, health and welfare to address the needs of people who come here perhaps just to live, or just as likely, to take advantage of our systems and to make us victims of their crimes. It is no coincidence that the cities with the highest identity theft rates are those with the highest influx of illegal aliens.

Like it or not, we have some tough days ahead. I don't want anyone who is here legally to not feel welcome, but there comes a time when everyone has to account for themselves. If I run a stop sign and get pulled over and have a traffic warrant, I will go to jail. But if you read about Irving TX, you will find large groups that think they are above this kind of law. This negligence to control our borders is a blister that is about to pop. Someone had better be paying attention.

If you want even more information on this sick phenomenon on a more national scale, go here:
Immigration's Human Cost

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