Monday, October 22, 2007

Media Bias: CNN Plants a Story

I sent the following message to the Dallas Fox affiliate, but I feel like this message needs to go beyond our immediate area. People who have political gains tied to the use of the votes of those here illegally are pushing the Reconquista ideology via such outlets as CNN and the New York Times. I happen to live near this town. I have seen its demographics change from a nice middle income community to one that has become a logistical nightmare of gang activity. And I am sorry if this offends, but much of it is due to criminal behavior that is in part due to the unwillingness of those here illegally to report crime and the overwhelming amount of people here illegally who commit crime becuase they are virtually invisible to the agencies that track crime. So when you see this story and other like on CNN, remember that the Reconquista movement has some very adept and powerful media people in their corner. And it thie political stars should happen to come into alignment, then theyse same folks are more than willing to look the other way and to let the American middle class bear the brunt of the higher taxation, higher crime and lower return in receipts for their trouble. And I am sorry if this offends, because we have had people from 37 nations arrested in the ICE details that are related to this story. But strangely enough, it just seems to be the people from Mexico that protest. I just seems to be the people from Mexico that demand favors that other nationalities don't request. What makes them so special? I love the Mexican culture, the food and their people, but just as I cannot cross into their country and live illegally, neither should they do that here. There are such things as limits.

The Video is Here

"That is the link for a video about an Irving illegal immigrant "self deporting." I don't usually watch CNN, but happened on this story while I was grading at school. I find it to be so well placed, that I am pretty sure this is a set up. He's married to someone here legally, but can't fill out the paperwork because it's "too hard." Didn't Mattel pull a shipload of Barbies because they said "math is hard?" Isn't that like saying if something is too hard, that you just should give up? Do you think he gives up when he fills out employment forms, or forms for assistance through the schools for his kids? I bet he gets those in. But something as minor as legal residency? Bueno por nada. In addition, it goes on about how shabby Mexico is and how he can't figure out the money. Excuse me, he speaks Spanish and can't ask how much something costs and then look at the currency and turn that over??? I think this is an obvious placement for political gain and it's no surprise that this story is on CNN. I thought you would be interested."

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