Sunday, April 02, 2006

Favorite Mystery Writers

I read according to mood. I started reading mysteries while cloistered at my grandparents house in Enid, Oklahoma-better known as "The Land That Time Forgot". Anyway, I found myself wading through mysteries and I have found a group that I enjoy. Hopefully you will as well. Post a comment if you have any questions....

1. Anything by Tony Hillerman-He's the tops, he's the Tower of Pisa...etc.
2. Anything by Dorthy Sayers, but for God's sake read them in order......
3. Steven Saylor-He's a former University of Texas Classic professor that has a series based in Ancient Rome. Good Stuff, although my favorite book deals with the missing years of O. Henry called "A Twist at the End". Anyone who loves Austin, has been to Austin or has heard of Austin should read it.
4. Leslie Davis-Similar stuff to Saylor. Sad to say her American publisher dropped her before I got the last book, but when I emailed her, she responded that there was a new publisher in the works, so hopefully, her books will be back at Borders soon.
5. Nevada Barr-It's a vacation in a national park with a mystery thrown in . Fun.
6.Jessican Speart-Sort a poor womans' Nevada Barr. Similar stuff.
7. J. A. Jance-Really strong writing, although I prefer her woman sheriff protaganist to the private eye. Great reads, they will keep your attention.
8. Leslie Glass-Her main character is intriguing, once again introducing a culture unknown to most of us. Good plots, great flow, good stuff.
9. Barbara Hambly-Interesting main character, a free man of color who is trained as a doctor, but resides in New Orleans sometime prior to the Civil War from the sounds of it. Interesting takes on New Orleans and on history.
10. Elizabeth George-Terrific and well detailed British writing in the great footsteps of Dorthy Sayers.
11. Faye Kellerman-With all due respects to her husband, her work at incorporating a very interesting and mostly unknown culture within the framework of a Los Angeles Police story, is breathtaking.
12. Rick Riordan-San Antonio is probably one of my favorite towns. Riordan lends a knowledgeable hand to the the Golden Triangle that exists between Austin and SA. Good stuff.
13. Laura Lippman-Based in Baltinmore, this is a good series. I have kind of lost track, but I will see what the bookstore has for me the next time I go.

Ironic how there are thirteen authors....oh well. Let me know what you think, or better yet, since I read obsessively and end up reading EVERYTHING an author has in no time, give me ideas for others to read.

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