Monday, April 03, 2006

April 10th

For years I have hated my birthday due to its unfortunate association with Hitler. So many incidents of violence and sheet blind stupidity have occurred on my birthday that it makes me concerned about other days as well. One of them comes up next Monday. There have been rumors of mass protests by Hispanic students in our city. Let me tell you why that is a bad idea. Anyone who has been at an unchaperoned teen party can recall the mayhem that ensues and the menace that remains. Imagine that time 100. So you have these kids, some of whom have never been downtown before and don't know the ropes. They could be nice kids, but you have to assume that when a day out of school is involved, that there are some not so nice kids involved as well. I looked at the film clips of recent rallies and sure there were a few bright kids who knew the issues and could articulate them for the media circus. But for every one of them there were ten others waving flags, shouting epithets and generally behaving like uncontrolled unsupervised teenagers. The sad thing is that if someone gets hurt, the schools will be the first to be blamed. The worst case scenario is that gang members, and yes they were there, you can see them dress like a bunch of identical twin thugs throughout the crowds, will come armed. It doesn't take much to set off some of these people. And if you get the wrong two gangs in the middle of a crowd you could end up with a massacre. There was nothing really "peaceful" about these rallies. There is nothing "peaceful" about breaking the law and then demanding arbitration as if you are special. Lots and lots and lots of people are waiting all over the world to come to the US. They pay their dues, file their papers, learn the language and wait while others break the laws, overload the educational and social welfare system and generally take without returning anything meaningful to society. Spare me the one about "jobs Americans don't want" because I guarantee that if the jobs are there, somewhere an American is doing them. The deal is that illegal immigrants are crossing over, breaking laws and employers use that as justification to pay lower under the table black market wages, which siphon down to Mexico and help keep their lame economy afloat. If the people who came here had stayed and force meaningful change in Mexico City, then the citizens of that nation would have no reason to leave. But I don't understand leaving a nation that has abandoned its people econmically, and then putting down and insulting the nation that you snuck into through these protests. If you think these kids know the score consider this-
Students at Turner HS in Carrollton left school to march to Carrollton City Hall. They walked up Josey to the next high school, Newman Smith. Those students couldn't leave due to a lockdown. So the Turner kids kept walking, until they reached a parking lot at the nearby Target. They were lost. They had walked RIGHT PAST THE CITY HALL on Josey and didn't have a clue. And these are the people we are supposed to support as cutting edge politicians? Please......

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Darren said...

As I wrote on my own blog, the California state Senate has passed a resolution *promoting* the planned boycott on May 1st.

Thankfully, the Superintendent of Public Instruction all but called them idiots.