Sunday, April 30, 2006

Do the Math, this Boycott is costing TAX DOLLARS

In the recent boycott/protest in Dallas, it was estimated that the cost of the safety and welfare personnel was $400,000. Yes, that is one dollar for every person that protested. Read ONE TAXPAYER DOLLAR because that is where the money comes from. Tomorrow, if the powers of La Raza and LULAC have their ways, millions will walk out of schools and businesses and march. For schools, this means lower attendance which affects how states compensate the very same schools that are already education students who are here illegally for FREE. That is MORE TAXPAYER DOLLARS. For cities and towns it means, overtime for EMT's, police and traffic patrols. In times such as these when municipalities are having to cut services, this means that due to this march of people who are here illegally, more TAXPAYER DOLLARS will end up being used for that and not for such things as fire, ambulance, disaster, theft, crime and domestic disturbances, which in turn will drive up the crime stats. There are those who say that the Illegal Immigrants pay into taxes for services they don't recieve. I say, HOGWASH. Every time their children get free meals at school, free innoculations at the local clinic or medical services at the county hospital which is supported by TAXPAYER DOLLARS, they are using and abusing a system in which they do not participate as a full partner. I have even heard it said that if they were not being paid under the table and therefore exempt from taxes that the rest of us pay as a matter of fact, they would not do the jobs they do. I have no issue with those who come here legally, but I think the bar needs to be set high, as it was for my grandfather and grandmother so here goes-
-Learn English-believe it or not it's part of LULAC's charter. They believed then that economic empowerment came with learning English. Why that has changed I don't know, but the rules still apply.
-Pay your fair share. Expect to pay taxes not just on purchases, but on your income as well.
-Support the programs you are getting for free by insisting that you children attend school and make progress. Be part of the solution.
-Don't do things that cripple an economic system that has made it possible for you to work for far more than you would in your native country. That is known as killing the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg. It's foolish on too many levels to name.
-Don't just send money home. Save some, plan a future that involves something other than just sitting around. The idea of working for ten years to retire for forty is silly and will only result in failure down the road. If not here, then back home, because economies change and have a way of imploding when they aren't controlled, and Mexico is ripe for a bout of inflation.

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