Saturday, April 29, 2006

Current Observations on Immigration

In watching the news lately I have observed a few things. First of all, there seems to be a certain uneasiness on the part of mainstream news to take obvious sides in the immigration debate. I find that fascinating in that usually their bias one way or the other is pretty transparent. I also did a little bit of research and found out some surprising details. Did you know that in LULAC's Charter, there is a mandate to LEARN ENGLISH???? Look it up. It's right there in black and white. So obviously some of the earlier immigrants discovered that acquisition of the English language would further empower them. Following that thought, what does the consistent application of bilingualism, which marginalizes English into a secondary language, seek to create in the students? Could it be that some of the people in power in the Latino community desire that their followers be ignorant of the REAL ISSUES? I know that Americans can't vote in Mexico, yet that is what is being suggested here right now. There's also a great deal of talk about how the "first illegal immigrants were Austin, Houston, Bowie and Travis...." which isn't true anyway since the Mexican government wanted someone else to live in the border areas to cushion their cities from Indian attacks from the north. And plus, there's just one little issue, within Mexico many people pride themselves on their "Spanish Heritage". Spain is a EUROPEAN NATION. Cortez came and slaughtered the innocent Aztecs. So doesn't that make at least some of the more Spanish Mexicans, European invaders right up there with Columbs (Italian), LaFitte (French) and DeVaca (oops, Spanish again....). This total nonsense of Mexico claiming that the American west was "stolen" is nothing more that saber-rattling conjecture. If Mexico had had the army and the wealth to maintain their hold on the section from California to Louisiana, they would have it still. Once again, to hit the specific points against unchecked immigration with such travel no one would
  • Have a way to check the legality of people entering or leaving a nation making terrorism even more possible.
  • Be able to prevent the spread of serious and formerly dormant communicable diseases from infected persons.
  • Be able to maintain a decent salary due to the undercutting by black market economies.
  • Be able to travel into Mexico because this system supports the governments corruption and strengthens the hold drug cartels have on border towns on either side of the Rio Grande.

Mexico is using the US as a way to provide their citizens with free healthcare, education and safety-all things that Mexico should be doing for its people by itself. We are the safety valve that keeps corruption in power. The way to cleanse Mexico is to shut the borders, prevent the unchecked flow of hard currency from the US into Mexico, stop providing services without documentation.

I wonder if the leaders of the Monday scheduled walkouts have considered what would happen if all the Mexicans walked out and business went on as usual? What then compadre? Maybe the US citizens, which already work more hours than the rest of the free world, would just do like always and suck it up and keep on working. The people I feel sorry for are those here legally who must answer for the stupidity of those that fall in line with politicians that have more of an interest in posing for CNN than in solving problems. If the Dems were so excited about solving this issue, why did they shut down the bill?

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