Thursday, February 21, 2008

Swirly Logic

Remember the big push to get all of us to switch to those funky swirly lightbulbs? Walmart, Target, all the heavy hitters of Ecological hierarchy were pushing this. Well it seems that they missed one little thing. The things last a long time, but in the end, it seems that they also contain MERCURY. Yes, it's that seep-into-the-watershed and call out the Hazmat team, mercury. Now how exactly did the geniuses that pushed this program miss that point? And furthermore, since the eco-hierarchy was the one pushing it, how off are they on other key issues, like say, hydrogen fuel cells? I know that fire departments are already in a snit over the danger of larger batteries and hazards due to lead in car accidents. Can you imagine the potential for destruction and death with an unstable fuel cell that is pushed blindly through the system by overeager envirotechies? I think it's plain old scary. And that we could end up with a rubber stamp government that would pass through such a program despite it's potential for danger is scarier still.

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