Sunday, February 03, 2008

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There are still men in this world who feel it is their heaven sanctioned right to oppress women and girls, even to the point of killing a man who dares to point this out. If you think this is a problem isolated in regions of the Middle East, think again. Throughout the world, wherever this backward philosophy of life moves, women are oppressed and sometimes beaten and killed. In a relatively average Dallas suburb on New Years Day, two seemingly normal teenage girls were killed by their father. Their crime? Dating American boys, wanting to be normal, wearing western clothing. In Canada as well, a father killed his daughter for refusing to wear hijab. As Islam and the related cultures expand into western regions, we must be ready to recognize this evil behavior for the abuse it is. It is not "honor" nor is it something to be pushed away as a cultural activity to be permitted, it is the systematic destruction of females with the tacit approval of the leaders of the various mosques. This is not to say that all Muslims indulge in this behavior, but western police organization don't realize that the women who are abused are so brainwashed and so cornered, that they accept this abuse as normal. We cannot and should not permit the growth of this evil. And we should not let a good man die because he dared to say it was wrong.

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Frank Verhoef said...

Exactly. It's a problem we face daily, also in the Netherlands.

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