Friday, February 22, 2008

Polar Bears Extinct? Not Hardly.

The Greenies would have us believe that countless white fuzzy polar bears are drowning in the melting soup that the Arctic oceans have dissolved into. But as usual, there's just a little problem with the science fact over the science fiction which is being promoted by Al Gore, Greenpeace and countless other members of the Church of Global Warming. Thanks to this study, being brought to light by OrangePunch, we now know that like swirly bulbs being environmentally sound and hybrid cars getting 50 mpg, this is just more anarchist malarky designed to stampede the unknowing into supporting causes that have NO MERIT.

"Polar bear extinction? Not exactly.

February 21st, 2008 by mlandsbaum

From Mark Landsbaum

So, is global warming killing off polar bears? Don’t bet on it.

Despite the government poised to declare the polar bear the first species officially threatened by global warming, it turns out just the opposite is true.

U.S. polar bear populations aren’t declining. H. Sterling Burnett, a senior fellow with the National Center for Policy Analysis, says comprehensive research shows that since the 1970s, while much of the world was warming, the overall number of polar bears didn’t just increase, but increased dramatically.

Today there are about 25,000 of the furry white critters, more than any time in the 20th century.

Meanwhile, the World Wildlife Fund found that of the 20 polar bear populations worldwide, only two are decreasing. And guess what. Those are in areas where air temperatures have fallen, not risen.

So, we’re losing bears where it’s getting cooler. Hm. Not much to blame global warming for there.

There were two polar bear populations that have grown. But guess what. They live in areas were air temperatures have risen.

Hm. We’re getting more bears where it’s getting warmer.

In fact, evolutionary biologist and paleozoologist Susan Crockford, of Canada’s University of Victoria, says polar bears historically thrive when temperatures have been warmer than the temperatures we have today.

Yes, we know, it doesn’t fit the global warming story line. But that’s why we call it a “story line” and not a fact.

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