Saturday, August 04, 2007

Democrats Squelch Honest Vote

Just a few video highlights of how the Democrats are enacting their alleged "fair and transparent non-partisan" control of Congress. They are pretty much in the order that they occurred. In explanation-members of Congress opposed to the trampling of citizen rights through the hiding of social security benefits for illegal immigrants in the Agriculture bill, had the votes to return it to the committee for redrafting. In a curious and somewhat suspicious coincidence, the electronic vote system went offline-send what was a victory for citizens into defeat at the hands of the Democrat leadership. Is this "transparent?" Or is this taxation without representation since our elected representatives were denied their action due to political chicanery. I am very concerned about the validity of voting and voters in the next election because this is just the tip of the iceberg. I predict we will see numerous illegal fitted out with voter registration cards and ID's with the sole goal being to control the election. I am also concerned that our military personnel overseas will be denied their right to vote, as they were in the last election due to an Al Gore fiat. People, wake up. You should be far more concerned than you are. And you should be online letting these usurpers know that it is not business as usual to so cavalierly manipulate the vote.

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Political Maneuvering (Breaking the Rules)

Outrage on the House Floor (Immigration Bill Fiasco)

Reaction to the Fiasco

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