Thursday, August 02, 2007

Here's Why Our Bridges Haven't Been Repaired.

I am sure all the major media outlets will have editorials whining about the lack of funding for infrastructure such as roads, bridges, water treatment and such. They will point their fingers at the Iraq War and accuse the Bush Administration of failure. Never mind that the national association of civil engineers has been telling Congress for over TEN YEARS (for those of you that are time impaired-that's back when Bill Clinton was in office) Instead he funded social welfare programs that only hit some targeted and politically desirable groups at the expense of an entire nation of citizens who drive every day, who drink water every day and who pay their taxes. The taxes in question are those that are tacked on to every gallon of gas. And Texas doesn't get dollar for dollar project back. Instead much of the money goes to densely populated cities and to political porkbarrel programs. Below is just one egregious example. Keep in mind that the engineer from the NTSB said it would cost only $65 billion to repair bridges that needed repair. Compare that to the cost of the boondoggle below. And then think about the countless other programs that are hidden inside every bill this Congress sends to the Oval Office. Earmarks matter. And so does transparency and honesty-something that Congress is sadly lacking.

From the Boston Globe......

Big Dig costs may rise by millions US memo says total could reach $14.7b

The US Department of Transportation's inspector general has drafted an internal memo that says the Big Dig's cost may rise by tens of millions of dollars, according to state, industry, and federal officials.

One of the officials pegged the estimated increase at $75 million. If the estimate proves accurate, the project would cost $14.7 billion instead of the current $14.625 billion, an increase that Massachusetts taxpayers or tollpayers would have to absorb, because the federal government has capped its contribution to the controversial megaproject.

A spokesman for the inspector general's office emphasized that the document is a draft and may change.

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