Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It's Illegal Immigration, Stupid.

To paraphrase a quote from past elections, most of the problems we are currently dealing with on the domestic front have at least some small part of the immigration issue within them. Follow my thinking:

-Environment-Water and resources are finite in number. Add more users without comparable building of water treatment, reservoirs and sewage and you end up with a serious health issue. Clean water is one of the things our population has come to expect as a given. If you think Collin county suffered during the last drought, imagine how much worse it will be if illegal immigration continues unchecked.

-Education-Schools by law cannot ask a student's legal status. We have students who are living with distant relatives. They are getting an education at our expense and quite often their parents are not paying commeasurate taxes via rent or mortgage since many homes have been subdivided by absentee landlords or sublet by legitimate residents who rent to multiple families in single family units. This is to the detriment of other residents. By having multiple families living in one residence they are not paying their share of school taxes. Many of these children have special needs, and those are federally mandated to be provided by the district.

-Insurance-With 25% uninsured and unlicensed drivers, the rates of insured drivers goes up. Instead of tolerating this skirting of the law, drivers without licenses should be arrested then turned over to Immigration for deportation if they aren't here legally. Cars involved in moving violations, drunk driving, or not having insurance should be impounded. And this goes for EVERYONE. It's just more serious with someone who has a false identity because you can't ever find them to make them pay for the damage they do.

-Health and Welfare-Public hospitals by and large will not ask status. A person having no insurance can get care that a normal person isn't able to afford simply by waiting. Parkland is funded by taxes. Wages must be paid, supplies must be purchased, and bills reconciled. If someone uses a false identity, or has one courtesy of the matricula consulare-which cannot be verified-and skips on their payment, who do you think ends up paying?

-Security-We already know that drug cartels have placed personnel in this country through the sieve that acts as a border. West Texans have known two-legged coyotes to abandon their cargo of people, drugs or other smuggled goods in the middle of ranches. There are not enough law personnel to monitor or cover the vast area between Del Rio and El Paso. As a consequence, there is the possibility that some very serious contraband has already entered our nation. Is this not a serious issue? And don't those who deny the problem in fact exacerbate it by their ostrich attitudes?

-Wages-Because of workers willing to work for lower wages off the books, we have wage erosion. And raising the minimum wage will only result in inflation as a result. The myth that these are jobs that "Americans won't do" is simply that, a myth. Instead what we have is companies large and small getting away with pocketing taxes as profit. And in return, we have young people who cannot get important first jobs because they are taken.

-Identity Theft-This is the most serious issue. The news shows something on this at least twice a week. But what is using someone else's social security number, but identity theft? It is simply wrong that people are screwing around with a program that some people have paid into for fifty years only to find it misused and abused by those who forge documents and by the employers who look the other way.

-Crime-Look at any city on the receiving end of the immigration train and you will find neighborhoods that accept crime and violence as a way of life. Trying to avoid getting caught in Immigration's net, they allow gang violence, drug distribution (Cheese, anyone?), and a slew of other criminal activities to continue. Areas that used to be middle class are now criminal and gang war zones. And those residents who own homes there are stuck because they often can't afford to move, but they also cannot sell. This is why towns such as Farmers Branch and Hazelton and now University Park are seeking to find ways to keep single family homes for single families and to require criminal background checks on potential tenants. We have had several instance of people being attacked by offenders with criminal histories. How many drunk drivers,domestic abusers, pedophiles or rapists do we have to accept? Dont' we have enough of our own criminals here already? How can police keep up with the flow other than arrest and release programs that make situations worse?

-Health Care-This is the issue the Democrats are trying to cloud the voting population's brain with. But even for health care, there are huge issues regarding illegal immigrants. Most Democrats will blindly say to give them aid. But at what point do we cut that off? Do we only give aid to Canadians and Mexicans? Or to the hemisphere? Or how about the whole world? As I have already stated, some countries take taxes as much as 68% to pay for comprehensive programs. And their success rate on anything over basic care is not as good. Plus there are delays. If we do not have some sort of permanent biometric identification system, then it is very possible that Aunt Tillie in Milwaukee will have cataract surgery while her doppelganger in San Diego has her third child. We simply cannot run into this issue without some safeguards. But the Democrats are offering none.


-Fines for employers the first time they knowingly hire. Jail time the second time and denial of access to local, state and federal bid lists.

-Deportation for the illegal. NO return allowed for any purpose for ten years.

-Identity Theft-County jail time then deportation.

-Enhanced border security-more personnel. No catch and release of anyone, especially OTM's
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