Saturday, January 20, 2007

Why SMU Should Have the Bush Library

I also posted this on a local blog in the DFW area. I think the blatant attempt to inject personal politics into something is and should be an honor is one of the most cynical and manipulative actions since the Amon preists removed the cartouches of Akhenaton. Talk about political assissination de facto. Anyway, here are my thoughts....

Most educated people understand that a presidential library is not just a monument to a person, but a research center and receptical for all documents of a president's tenure in office. As such presidential libraries are of enormous help to historians, policy makers, educators and others who don't accept statements at the whim of a newflash on CNN or a Geraldo Rivera diva turn. Presidential libraries aide their related institutions in terms of research through access, through grants for study and through federal funding for research. As such they are money magnets. While a few self-appointed snobs are trying to drive the opportunity away from SMU through misdirection and sheer vindictiveness, do you think that the Vietnam era alums of UT tried to deny LBJ, reviled for his handling of the Vietnam War, a foot in the door by building the LBJ Library on campus? Not hardly. The UT adminstration looked at the big picture and saw that down the road the facility would add new dimension to its history, government and public service programs. The Bush Library could do the same thing for SMU. And yet we have people so full of hate that they would send this chance away just to look good on paper. These libraries don't come around to universities that often. Forty three presidents in over two hundred years. So if SMU passes on this chance, I doubt another one will come along any time soon.

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