Saturday, January 20, 2007

Another and Different Inconvenient Truth

In "An Inconvenient Truth" Al Gore makes the claim that we are in the end days ecologically speaking. He speaks from the point of view of many scientists that do not actually do the research, but instead simply read and review the research of others. In the scientific arena, as in the political one, there are two or more points of view. No doubt, it would help the American economy to be more independent of international blackmail in the form of oil or energy pricing. There is also no doubt that we all could do more to help the environment. We should all be prudent with resources. We should all recycle and we should all use energy wisely and well. What the problem is that we are ignoring viable sources of cheap and domestically available energy to soothe the savage beast of the Environmental political action groups. They wail and whine every time the subject of using our natural national resources comes to a vote. They bemoan the fate of polar bears and whales and such with the "facts" loosely thrown about by alleged authorities. Facts are only as good as the research that brings them to light. Let me ask you, do you think global warming is a recent phenomenon? If so, they how do you explain the drought that brought about the Dust Bowl in the 1930's or the thirty year drought that resulted from the absorption of water into the polar ice caps in the 1200's? How do you explain that parts of England that grew grapes now cannot sustain that due to a colder climate? And how do you account for the fact that most geologists count us as being in the end of the most recent Ice Age? The simple fact is, we do not know for certain that any of the event perpetrated by humankind has any effect on the earth. We do no know whether the hole in the ozone layer are a recent or recurring event. We do not know even such basic data as temperatures further back than 150 years. In the millenia that the earth has experienced change and weather, we only know the smallest part of the history. And any scientist will tell you that if you only know a little, what you do not know will be what comes back to bite you. I recall in high school during the Carter years, the same groups were bemoaning the return of an Ice Age. Now they are doing a 180 and expecting the industrialized world to pay the price, via the Kyoto Accord, while China and India continue in some very nasty and unsophisticated pollution. You can't have it both ways. Either it is bad for everyone, or bad for no one. In the meantime, you may want to read this article. And next time someone wants you to sign a petition, you may want to ask them what they actually know beyond the name of the organization sponsoring the event.

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