Sunday, January 14, 2007

Is Teaching a Genetic Flaw?

I ask this because of my three children, two are going to end up in the classroom. Luckily one of them is smart enough to also be a Coach and will be ensured of a job for life or as long as his teams are successful. I noticed that many of the teachers in my school have family members or children that also teach. I know that traditionally in the Middle Ages trades and professions were handed down from generation to generation, but that doesn't seem to be the norm in the past fifty years. So why then are so many teachers coming from families that are in education? Is it just a comfortable fit? Do they like working with kids? Do they see this as a means to get more free time? (An obvious mistake since there hasn't been a break, weekend or vacation that I haven't been grading something, planning something or attending a class) I wouls just be curious if it's a type of hero worship or just based on the modeling done by teacher parents that inspire teacher offspring. I am sure some geneticist could get in the works to design the perfect teacher. I would just wonder who is going to have input on the final model. I shudder to think of the difference between what parents would want, what administrators would want and what students would want. Parents would want someone exciting and forgiving and tireless in their work ethic. Adminstrators would want endurance, blind adherence to policy and unquestioning loyalty. Students would want Bozo the Clown or Pamela Anderson. (actually we have had a couple of the latter, and needless to say, in the end-they didn't work out...discretion permits only a few reference words-cheerleader, students, inappropriate fill in the blanks.)
It's something that rather scares me in the long run.

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