Friday, March 03, 2006

Fear and Loathing in Middle America

Catchy title, eh? But really people, what in the WORLD is going on here? I live now not too terribly far from where I grew up. I don't recall the world being as sordid and full of what my Mom calls "meanness" as it is now. Perhaps I've wrapped my childhood in a rosy glow, but for the life of me I don't recall some of the things that my kids take as everyday life. Below is a short list of things that appall, repel or disgust me. While some of these things perhaps existed say 40 years ago, I don't think it was to the extent we suffer from them today-
-Teachers and other authority figures that abuse kids without guilt or appropriate punishment AND the people who support them. As a teacher, I physically cringe when I hear yet another story of some over-sexed bimbo playing house with a student. I mean, really, when you see most of these women they are dressed like their students and act like their students. You would think some buzzers and bells would go off somewhere....but, I have also seen these situations be ignored because of several different reasons mostly dealing with letting the kid get past the situation. Strangely enough, in the few I have known of, it's always a woman with a teen boy. Why is that considered "okay" when if the genders were reversed, the man would automatically be in handcuffs-and not voluntarily!?
-Socalled religious leaders that use their sway from the pulpit to push political goals. This is for both sides. If they are going to spout politics instead of grace then tax their places of business and lower my taxes.
-People who complain about public schools, homeschool their own kids, then when they discover they can't do the teaching or that their child has disabilities, they turn right around and demand that the school hop to it to fulfill their needs.
-Parents who are so in name only. The created the kid, but don't establish rules, and support such things as drugs, drinking and sex as long as they do it in the "safety of the home". You may think I am crazy, but I have heard these words from parental lips.
-Politicians who use religion as a cover for their sneaky acts and who shed blame like a duck does water when they get caught. I also really really REALLY do not like the blame game as it is now played in the political forum. State your cases, get your ideas out in public, but if they can't stand up without nasty underhanded political games, step aside and let someone with real problem solving capabilities take over the situation. ARE YOU LISTENING BLANCO AND NAGIN??????
I would write more but it is late and I am tired, since I spent all last night putting up the district art show. There are not enough chicken nuggets in the world to keep me awake...

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