Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Election Night Jitters

Tonight is primary election night in my state.
And for the first time in my adult life, I didn't vote.
I am not particularly proud of this, since I think abdication of the responsibility to vote is basically giving voice to those that can sway the population with smoke and mirrors, but honestly, I am tired. I am tired of political oneupsmanship. I am tired of negative campaigning and professional politicians who don't see this as a mandate, but instead see election as a job interview. And like many job candidates, most look good on paper, but fail to please down the line. Yes, I know this sounds cynical. But honest to God, I don't think the extreme end of either or any party has the best interests of most of their constiguency in mind. They load bills down with secret porkbarrel. For every "Bridge to Nowhere" there's a "Tunnel to China". For every military base closed to save money another one is opened because some senator's backbone and resolve are not as strong as their local moneylenders. In my state, Texas, I find myself either supporting a Republican party that wants vouchers and the defacto dismantling of the public education system or the Democrats that want the school and staff to be virtual parents for the extended life and day of every single child. There has to be room for compromise. There has to be some sort of middle ground. But instead of true statesmen and women who work out the details and try to do the best for the most, we are stuck with people who go to Austin or Washington or Baton Rouge and learn how to line their own pockets before they make a move. And the longer they stay there, the less they do. Look at the professional politicians in our state. Despite the fact that many teachers are living on little from their retirement system-due to the Windfall taxes that take money from part time jobs but don't give it back when we retire-the politicians voted themselves a raise. And Washington cohorts have done it as well. Isn't it about time that we unelect these lifetime politicians and send them back to find REAL JOBS and deal with REAL LIFE ISSUES? And by that, I don't mean just the Democrats or just the Republicans, I mean EVERY SINGLE INCUMBENT NEEDS TO GO HOME. Send Ted Kennedy back to find a law job. Send Grusendorf back to his "investing" job. Send Pelosi back to San Francisco and Frist back to the operating room and let some new people with NEW IDEAS have some room. I am tired of dealing with people who are so entrenched in party infighting that they forget what they were elected to do. Our borders our porous, our government unresponsive and as far as I can see, there would be nothing lost by sending all of the politicians packing. So here's my chant

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