Friday, December 18, 2009

Would You Buy A Used Car From This Congress?

I've often considered that at the next to lowest levels in hell that there is a special place for two categories of congenital liars-used car salesmen and realtors. I am sure there are good and virtuous people within these ranks, but in my experience both groups encompass the sort of lying through omission that leads to lots of courtroom battles. This is why all adults should read every single word or clause or page of any contract they sign. The people that did not doing this during the heighdays of the mortgage balloons were the same ones who later defaulted using the lame excuse that "they didn't know" their payments would explode during the fifth year even though it was written in black and white on the very same contracts they had oh so willingly signed.Congress is debating healthcare. But what they are debating is NOT the bill amendment which will cause the most economic havoc. That amendment-the "managers amendment" is still being kept under wraps. What happened to transparency? What happened to honesty and representing the best that anyone regardless of their party affiliation had to offer? This was always a pale promise and once they got in office, Democrats blatantly ignored these promises. Drunk with power they have loaded up the healthcare bill with programs, paybacks and pork designed to entice unwilling moderates into voting away the freedom of millions of citizens. In doing so, they will doubly tax middle income workers such as teachers, fire fighters and police officers. They will gut Medicare and deliberately divert those dollars into petting along a resident alien population with hopes that they will someday produce the mythical permanent majority for the Democrats.
Make no mistake, this isn't about insurance reform, it is not about healthcare. How could it be when estimates say that while everyone will pay more, only half of the current uninsured will be covered? What other programs are soaking up the revenue? And what about the many millions of people employed by insurers and their ancillaries? Where will they go in an economy in which the published unemployment rate is over ten percent, but the defacto rate is closer to twenty. This is NOT an accident. In moving Americans to a dependent nation status, they must pry us away from our freedom and the best way to do that is to make it where government is the ONLY RESOURCE from which we can get life's necessities. This is no accident. It is the intentional diversion of a revenue stream from private industry, where it creates jobs, to government where it does not. Even the government jobs that have been created-since that is the only sector where job growth is evident-are fewer jobs that pay more than comparable jobs in the private sector.
This is theft plain and simple. So, would you buy a used car from this Congress????
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