Thursday, December 31, 2009

Leftists and Racism in Education

Berkley High School in the Bay Area of California may remove advanced science labs and replace them with science remedial classes. In a time where most school districts in the nation are actively seeking to improve their science and math curriculum, Berkley wants to dumb it down. The reason? Because the board views AP Science classes as favoring white students. The reverse side of this, unspoken, is that minority students can't do advanced science programs. So rather than encouraging all students to pursue excellence, the Leftists and liberals of the Berkley High School board would remove these programs from the curriculum so that no student would be able to pursue upper level, college bound science coursework. The implication is racist in tone-that minority students are inherently incapable of doing this work. And that flies in the face of the breakdown of the students in the actual classes.

So what is the lesson of this debacle? The main lesson is that political correctness is driving curriculum in some districts to the point of lowering expectations for the overall student population. I don't know why parents are not up in arms about this action. And I don't understand why any teacher who values their subject would remain on the faculty at such a school. But the bottom line is that either you want all students to achieve and learn, or you want to handpick and dumb down classes to accommodate some ethnic spreadsheet that matters to no one outside the boundaries of administration.

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