Monday, June 29, 2009

The Real Healthcare Agenda

The Obama Administration likes to trot out urban poor and elderly as an example of who would be best served by Obamacare. But as with cap and trade, the truth is in the details. The Obama Administration is using healthcare as a wedge issue to make illegal aliens more integrated into the American economy. So without paying into any of the programs which leech money from workers' paychecks, illegal aliens will get the same (rationed)healthcare that the rest of us ostensibly will recieve. Make no mistake, by competing with private health insurance companies and levying tax penalties against middle income Americans, many will opt for Obamacare as a catchall and then be forced to find additional private insurance-virtually paying twice for half the care. This Congress will do the same things with Obamacare that they did with Cap and trade, which is to force it through in the early hours of a Friday morning, largely unread, with all earmarks and special programs for special populations intact. Americans are going to have to rise up and realize that this program is not "free" nor is it one that will give care to all uninsured Americans. Instead it is a program to seal the deal with La Raza insuring a firm coalition of Hipanic voters both legal and illegal for the years to come. Hey, when you can get other people to pay for your healthcare, wouldn't you vote for the guy? Pay attention, it's going to get worse.

"America does not need health care reform, but Latino immigrants need health care reform."

And someone from Menendez' office [Ed.: Sen. Robert Menendez, D-NJ] promised that he would make sure that "the useless barriers of citizenship would not be in this bill" and that he would make sure that they would use keywords like "streamline"...

It was La Raza, the Childrens Defense Fund and Senator Menendez from New Jersey, a representative from his office...

...Yes [they said they would get free health care for illegal aliens], these are my notes, Mark. They actually got up and said "Latino children need health care more than whites". And then they would say things like "you must go out into your communities, use words like 'streamline', use phrases like 'all workers' and 'all families'," because they said -- and I quote -- "If the American people find out that this bill is about giving health care to non-citizens, they will rise up against it."

...One of the quotes they said was, "We want to make sure we take care of barriers like verification, but we can streamline programs to the more affluent" and, quote, "Useless treatments for the elderly can be gone because we don't need to spend money for people who are going to die anyway."

That's a direct quote from that meeting. They also said, "We are very concerned there will be an effort to include" the illegal immigrants in this argument, so "we must make sure that we focus this" to the American people that it's looking like we want "health care for everyone".

And they also said that 75% of the children who will be picked up in this will be non-citizens and that 44% of the uninsured are non-citizens and they can't possibly allow the American people to know this." [Ed: Oops!]

Menendez' office said that he's going to make sure that "a family of four that makes $66,000 a year or less will pay nothing at all for the new health care. And he was the one who said he was going to get rid of specifics like "citizenship status" and focus on, quote, "equity for all workers".

And he said he's going to make sure that the Latino immigrants are the focus of the health care reform..."


Anonymous said...

The Federal Govt. has made a mess out of Medicare and Medicaid, so why would we want to have them run a Healthcare program????????? Illegals need to be required to pay for their own health care.

Ellen K said...

Absolutely. Ask anyone who has ever dealt with the VA.