Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs?

When Pelosi sent the Cap and Trade bill to the vote, those were her last words. It's puzzling how she would believe that a bill that will bind up much of the profit margins in many large industries will somehow create jobs? Jobs are created on a need basis. And if you aren't making a profit, you don't need more workers. In addition, we are currently at a 9.4% unemployment rate. And there's about a 12% underemployment rate-people who are working for less than before. So we are staring at a possible 10% unemployment rate, with the majority of those out of work individuals being young males. Then, at the same time, the Obama Administration wants to shut down military operations in Iraq and bring home all those military personnel and ramp down the numbers in the military by mustering out the lower level members. This is just like any other RIF (reduction in force) and will add to the numbers of out of work young Americans. Unless he means to impose a WPA or CCC type programs-which I doubt many of the college educated people would gravitate to-this is a serious problem. And while they are simply throwing numbers out there, it seems that this administration and these committees are not looking to the future, they are simply trying to find ways to push their agendas and feather their own nests. I hope all the young people who voted for Obama in an American Idol type of election are beginning to see what they have done, and what it will do to them. Remember this is supposed to be a government OF the people, FOR the people, not TO the people. Is it possible that Team Obama has just thrown the young American worker under the bus?

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