Saturday, May 09, 2009

Losing the Cowboy

Remember what TV used to be? Remember Bonaza and Rifle Man and Sugarfoot and High Chaparral? People saw the cowboy as the epitome of the true freedom of America. He was a free spirit. He could go where he wanted, make his own fortune and didn't expect or rely on others to make things happen for him. Where are the cowboys today? Today the term "cowboy" is often used a a derogatory term, intending to label someone that goes off without warning. But cowboys weren't really like that. They were the ultimate pragmatists, doing whatever worked. And they were the ideal example of democracy in action, refusing to endure laziness or sloppiness on the job because they knew it would put them in danger down the line. So being a cowboy is not the negative that northern liberals like to assume. They don't even know the cowboy as a real person, but see him as some sort of comic book parallel set up by Hollywood. Those guys weren't cowboys, but I am sure they wanted to be.

I lament the loss of the cowboy. He has been forced aside by programs that actively seek to remove masculinity from the modern vernacular. A man can only be strong if he is also sensitive. That's the modern credo. But there have been times and situations where we needed men to be MEN. We needed men to build this nation. And despite the modern view of the "Cowboys vs. Indians" scenario, it was never the Cowboys that the Indians needed to fear-it was the bureaucrats that were so insulated and far away from where things actually happen. That is the last thing we need in a culture. And it's the last thing we need in a President.

There are people who blame GWB for moving when they would have rather wallowed in international sympathy. That was never the cowboys' way. The Cowboy believes in the theory of "lead, follow or get the hell out of the way." A cowboy above all fixes things, it's part of his nature. Teddy Roosevelt probably understood the mindset of the cowboy best with his admonishment to "walk softly, but carry a big stick." Now we have people who boldly blast their ideas regardless of the efficacy of these programs down the line. They couch their prose in what sounds best on a soundbite or what appeals to today's favored demography. We are run by people who mince words, hide intentions and consider their own needs before the needs of the country. Down that narrow path lies chaos.

GWB was a man who was needed in the place he was during 9/11 and after. If anything, his failure to stand up to Congress and say no was more damaging than any of the imaginary shortcomings promoted by Soros, and Garafalo. He allowed them to fill the vacuum with the cacophony of their rhetoric to his own demise and the ultimate turnover of the reins of power to people who are simply not willing to accept what their own senses tell them. They would rather argue hyperbole than dig dirt. We need someone willing to clean out the stalls in Washington, and I just don't see that happening with any of the folks up there right now.

Now we have a president who is not only not a cowboy, he's willing to deal with people who actively seek to harm Americans. And they mean to harm ANY AMERICAN regardless of sex, race, religion or background simply because we are Americans. He seems to have no personal honor although he does demonstrate a great deal of egotism. Even the lowest cowboy has some loyalty to his boss or his outfit. But in this case, it appears that the current resident of the White House is more than willing to sacrifice the safety of the nation on the altar of international public opinion.

President Obama seems to have his fingers in many pies. A cowboy knows that if you lose focus on one calf, you end up losing the herd. President Obama in trying to be all things to all people. He is simply throwing up ideas like pancakes on the ceiling waiting to see if he throws them hard enough that maybe they will stick. It is as if he intends to place his brand on every program, every bill and every move made by Congress. He seeks to remake this nation into a shadow state where every step is cushioned by the well meaning but costly limitations of government intervention.

If this course is followed, we will spend and waste money on an exponential scale, because the moral of the story is that if you protect everyone from every possible danger, then those people stop taking care of themselves. Example: If the much vaunted Obamacare system comes into fruition and covers EVERYONE NO MATTER WHAT, then why should anyone stop smoking, stop drinking, stop using drugs, stop overeating? There will be no penalty for bad behavior and the end result of covering everyone will be that bad behavior will be sustained and rewarded AND taxpayers will pay spiraling higher rates to keep these idiots alive. At some point, the realization will come that this cannot continue, and then we will see rationing. So maybe Grandpa will be put on the waiting list for that bypass in favor of younger recipients. How far is that from the scenario of the bad Sci-Fi movie "Logan's Run" wherein 30 year olds were launched into death with a celebration.

Would a cowboy think of just the age of the person when offering aid? Would you want a doctor that wasn't a cowboy willing to risk any attempt to save you? Aren't some things in life just worth taking a risk? And in the end, if we don't have someone in power who cares enough to risk their own popularity for the sake of keeping America and Americans safe and strong, what will be our fate? Somewhere down the road, we will be looking once again for a cowboy and lamenting the years that he's been gone. I just hope we aren't too late.

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