Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Follow The Money

Let's try a game. Would you like to play a game? It's called "Follow the Money".

For example: President Obama>Moveon.org>George Soros.

Now I wonder what Soros could possibly want from the President of the United States...Soros can't be president, because he's Hungarian. But he has a lot of stock that he's bought on the cheap lately, and he has a way of funding his internet nutjobs to make certain issues or particular bills he supports to appear "important." Soros has stated that he wants America a socialist nation. He also has some wealthy friends who no doubt are sitting on money pulled out of the market to help weaken it when necessary. since President Obama needs the good will, or perceived good will, of the Moveon.org crowd, he can't risk making old George angry.

Let's try another one: NBC>MSNBC>GE>Tom Daschel> President Obama.

Let's never forget the network that brought us news that made CNN appear middle of the road. They pay Keith Olberman's paycheck. They support the constant stream of snide remarks and innuendos for anyone or anything conservative, while glossing over any problems, no matter how serious, the current administration is creating. Journalism? Forget it. Impartiality? Not Hardly. I am surprised there is even room for Michelle considering how many groups are in bed with this administration.

Let's see what other follow the money relationships we can find:

Federal Student Funding>Notre Dame University>controversial pro-choice speaker at graduation

Constructions companies>President Obama>Illegal Immigrants

See, isn't this fun. Try it at home. Laugh if you can. Or cry....

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