Saturday, March 07, 2009

Words From the Past Or the Future?

I don't know if Ayn Rand was a prophet. I suspect the work "Atlas Shrugged" was meant more a social criticism along the lines of "A Modest Proposal." It seems odd that this literary work has expanded its importance beyond simple reading. One of the most lucrative scholarships is based on reading this work and responding to it in kind. At this point in our civilization, perhaps it would be a good thing for AP History and English programs to once again open this work with a mind toward applying lessons learned to what seems to be coming down the pike as a sort of New World Order. I am not normally a paranoid person, but too many tangential ideas seem to be coming together. At what point they converge, I cannot say, but I will say the last time I have felt this anxious was in 1974. I was in high school, just graduating. The interest rates were prohibitive, the prospects for moving onward were grim. There was an undercurrent of fear and anger just as there is now, anchored to a society that felt itself betrayed beyond all ken. Not even 9/11 was as oppressive as those years of the mid-1970's. Due to that, I chose to major in art, deliberately choosing to become a weaver. You see, I wasn't going to go willingly at the age of 18 into that good night. I had definite plans of moving to the Big Bend, raising sheep and goats for milk, cheese and meat production as well as fleece. I planned on creating my own spinning and weaving business where I would have goods that I controlled and that I could barter for trade. Right now, I am looking at looms again. I am wondering where between the Davis and Chisos Mountains I might find a small valley with water and sunlight and enough land to raise some animals in peace. I wonder how many others will take this challenge. I don't know if I can. In the meantime, consider these words from John Galt

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