Monday, March 16, 2009

New From Microsoft-Team Obama 1.0

(also known as Carter 2.0)
In cooperation with Team Obama, Microsoft has introduce a new Shifting Paradigm subprogram which will interface readily with all taxing, banking, and other monetary programs on your computer. This will save you the trouble of filing taxes. It will also save you the trouble of working, saving, earning, investing and otherwise using your income to your own advantage. After the full takeover/implementation of this program, all future earnings will revert to government coffers for the betterment of personkind.

If you should encounter any problems with Team Obama 1.0, refer to the online manual or send a grievance report to our friendly customer service staff whereupon your taxes will be carefully monitored for the remainder of your life, or the remainder of Team Obama's tenure. Should you persist in complaining about taxes, lack of personal freedoms, implementation of socialism, you will recieve the third grievance report, also known as "Barry's Frowny Face". This is not a good idea as President Obama will consider this as an effort to thwart the goals of the DNC, of his personal friends and you will be assigned to a special retraining facility monitored by the Ayers Corporation. If you somehow continue to complain, you will see the final screen. At that point, if you have not already found a safehouse, it might be time to consider altering your appearance, your identity and possibly your gender, in order to slip across the border. Once you reach Mexico, demand English language be made available and that you should be able to vote in elections. Good luck.


Darren said...

Something you're trying to tell us? :-)

Ellen K said...

I tried to be subtle....(-;